Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | February 23, 2010

The Harvest

Listening to Mike Murdock yet again, I was struck this time with his law of the seed, and wrapping the seed with faith and expectation. He speaks of how God wanted a family, so he planted a seed, his son, to gain a family. It got me thinking of the references to the bible of harvesting, how God will separate the wheat from the chaff, that we, as humans are like fruit on a tree. As we develop and grow, ripen, we look to be the choice fruit picked rom the tree. If we are unripe, underdeveloped. riddled with disease, or rotten, we will be discarded.

I believe there is a mystical truth to this idea. Humans are innately called to develop, to learn, to grow, to be holy, to evolve. The sad truth is that there are many many people who will be separated, who will not become choice fruit, who will be considered chaff, who will be discarded. Whatever context you chooose to operate in, whether it’s catholic or taoist or whatever, if you are not developing your mind and your spirit, if you are not on the path, how do you expect to get “there.”

It is a good exercise to think of ourselves as a crop, both individually and as a community. Will the harvest be good this year?

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