Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | February 22, 2010

Rick Warren Day 15: God’s Family

Day 15 speaks to our inclusion in God’s family through faith in Christ. God is love and so treasures relationship. He wanted a family and created us. As a child of God, everything he has belongs to you. This is a profound concept, to view ourselves as part of a spiritual family, God’s family. When we accept this, God becomes our father, our fellow believers become our brothers and sisters, and the church becomes our extended family. We view the world differently when we view it through the eyes of family.

This same concept exists in other communities, like the tai chi community. When I had my tai chi studio, there was a kind of archetypal fatherhood role I felt myself take on, and the students became tai chi brothers and sisters. In fact, when I would introduce students to each other who learned at different times, I introduced them as, this is your tai chi brother or sister. I suppose that other tai chi pratitioners become cousins, and other martial artists become a part of the family as distant relatives. There is a communion/community.

I think perhaps this is why lineage and ancestry are so important to us. Martial artists point to who their teacher was and who he learned from and so on. It’s a happy day when you can draw a direct lineage to one of the masters. Christ’s lineage in the bible was prophetic fulfillment–it was important to trace him to the House of David, to make the connection. We love to look to our ancestry as well, and are overjoyed to find a duke or count in our past!

Warren’s question for this chapter: how can I start treating other believers like members of my own family?

One way is that with family, sometimes we really don’t want to do something but we do it because they are family and not so much that we feel obligated but we want to show our love in concrete ways. With others, it’s easier to say no, but if you view them as family, you also want to express your love to them.


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