Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | February 16, 2010

Listening Part II

I wanted to add something here about “listening”, from a taoist perspective, to what the tao is telling us, or the universe. Philosphically speaking, it’s probably incorrect to assume that the tao or the universe is telling us anything. From the taoist perspective, the tao just is, the universe is, and it’s us that attaches meaning to things. The same might be true for shamanism. A Shaman might believe deeply that the hawk is really saying something, really bringing a message of some truth, or enlightenment, or advice. Or he might believe, as I tend to believe, that a hawk is just a hawk, but I can use that hawk and the surrounding events to create my own meaning of the event for me.

From a catholic/christian point of view, we don’t have that luxury. Catholics/christians believe that Christ wants to be intimately involved in our individual lives in history, and that, if we listen, God speaks to us, the holy spirit is present and waiting for us. To view it as merely a psychological game puzzle we play with ourselves is not acceptable. This is why it is harder for me to accept. Do I really believe there is a God who created me, and who is speaking to me through the scriptures, through other people, through events. Does my back hurt because I injured it in a slip a year ago, or is God speaking to me through this injury? Or can I just one day say it’s just an injury, or use it to discern some truth another day? Do I need to slow down, let go, relax ther muscles in a metaphoric way? And just exactly what is the snow trying to tell me on my day off?


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