Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | February 8, 2010

The Law of Seed: Nurturing and Tending

I wanted to post a bit about the “law of the seed,” and sowing with expectation of a harvest. I beleive there is a karmic law, and a Christian law of seeding in faith, but it is not a simplistic one. We sow many seeds in our lives, and they are not simply financial ones. Our relationships are seeds, our hard work is a seed, our study is a seed, our thoughts are seeds, our deeds are seeds, and on and on. Even our financial contributions are seeds.

When we sow a seed, most of the time, we need to nurture it and tend to it, they way we would our vegetable garden in the summer time. It takes, patience, love, watering, tending. In the end, if all goes well, we reap a harvest.

Sometimes we sow a seed and forget about it for years, and then it bears fruit when we least expect it and we are overjoyed.(This is true of negative seeds as well!).

When we give money, we usually give it for a specific purpose–$1,000 to the local food bank to buy food and distribute it to the poor. If they do what they say they will do, your donation has given a harvest. Should you have an expectation that when you give it’s going to come back to you? Or, is the trick to not have any expectation of it coming back to you and then it does because of karmic law? Mike Murdock would say you should sow with expectation. A Hindu might say just give with no expectation.

If we remove ourselves a bit and look at the larger picture, we might see that when we sow financially, the money is not really leaving us, but is remaining within the dynamic, organic system, so it’s still ours, as is everything in this universe, it’s just not currently in my posession.

Mike Murdock says, what leaves my hand doesn’t leave me, it leaves my hand and goes into my future.

My clarification on this is this, we have to have a mysterious understanding of money and finances in our lives. We have to be responsible, and faithful. If you want to contribute money to a ministry because you really believe they are deserving of your monetary support, then do so. To give simply as a way of manipulating the mystic system to reap a financial harvest does not sound “kosher.”

Now, that doesn’t mean that when we let go, when we sacrifice, when we give from our heart, when we give even if it hurts us financially, if we give because we believe, that we aren’t in fact kicking some karmic, mystic law into gear, because I think we are.

The evidence is experiential and anecdotal. But I do believe that as Christ called the apostles to be fishers of men, we are also called to be farmers–sowing seeds, tending to and nurturing our crops. What have you planted lately? Anything?



  1. I would like to learn as much as i can.

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