Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | February 1, 2010

Living in the Presence

Another precious day off. I did laundry with God this morning, since I’ve decided to befriend him and he wants to be intimately involved in every aspect of my life. That may sound tongue in cheek, but it’s true. It is a zen like awareness of the holy and sacred in every aspect of our lives. It’s taking on an identity, becoming a dragon, becoming a steward, being a sign of the presence of “God,” living in intimate awareness of the divine of all things. It’s easier when you have the day off. It takes practice when you are working or interacting with people. But it’s important to be mindful and aware at all times. It’s hard, but doable.

If I consider myself a confidante of the Universal Mind of God, as a representative of God here on earth, as responsible for being a witness to the holy and sacred, then I will carry myself slightly differently, will be a different force in the doings of things, will be a light in the darkness.

When we practice tai chi, do the form well, we come out of it with renewed fervor, with a different outlook on life. We are more aware, more mindful, more able to recognize the things in front of us. The Law of recognition as Mike Murdoch puts it.

But I am grateful for the precious time off, to wake up, have a cigarette, do the form, stretch out my back, organize myself to do my chores like my laundry, and spend some precious silent time blogging–an oportunity to converse about the divine, to place myself in the presence of God, even if it’s at the key board. Is God blogging with me? If he’s my friend he is. And if I’m his, I’m blogging about things that are pure.

When I walk to my car, when I have dinner tonight, when I meet with my friend building my on-line tai chi course web site, it will all be with an added sense of awareness. When I was deep into my faith and considering a vocation, I was deeply aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life and in the world. Semantics over what to call it, as I pursued my tai chi studies and taoist meditation practice, kind of confuses and clouds the issue, but the truths remain the same. Strangely enough, it is a truth that is present in a Benedictine monk, in a zen buddhist, in a taoist hermit. It is present in the movements of tai chi chuan, in cloud hands and brush knee and single whip. It is present in standing wuji. It is present in seated silence. It is present in opening a door, blogging, eating dinner, selling shoes.


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