Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | January 27, 2010

Radio Waves

I tried to get some understanding of how radio works–it’s electromagnetic waves sent by a transmittor and recieved by a receiver. It’s how radio, television, cell phones, radar, etc. all work. Waves sent out along the elctromagnetic spectrum with varying amplitudes and frequencies. God bless guys like Edison, Tessla, Marconi, and all the others who figured all this stuff out. It’s so beyond my own understanding.

But the thought comes to mind that our minds, our brains, our thoughts, can act in the same way. People have tried to do it for centuries, but I don’t think anyone’s really come close. The brain can be a transmittor and receiver. Thoughts can be broadcast. I think we do this everyday without realizing it. It’s people like contemplative monks and nuns who focus the transmittor and tune to a station and really broadcast out that message of peace, love, and harmony. The rest of us have our minds co-opted by the millions of broadcasts around us(the term broadcast is a marine phrase for fishermen who cast their nets broadly to catch a big area.

There is a great need for us to first of all tune in so that we can hear what the universe is saying to us without all the interference.  We need to purify our minds of all the static and garbage that’s taking up our mental “bandwidth.”

We then need to focus on what we are transmitting. What vibrational thoughts are we sending? What are we concentrating on day in and day out, every minute of the day? Without realizing it, we broadcast fear, anxiety, lust, and nonsense. We need to tune the dial and focus the mind and send out meaningful broadcasts.

The other thought I got from a David Icke–a BBC personality–is a kind of buddhist concept, that everything around us is an illusion, like a radio or television broadcast. So I got to thinking, can I broadcast my own show, send out radio waves from my brain, create a world for myself with my thoughts.

Stay tuned. I’ll give you the call letters when I figure them out(wouldn’t it be wild if you were in your car one day surfing channels and you heard me thinking!?



  1. I was thinking of writing a post about bosses, but I’ll just comment on your post about transmitters instead. (This is probably why I don’t update my blog often enough.)

    I once had a job in an ice cream shop, serving ice cream cones. One day the boss came in, and I knew instantly she was mad at me. I knew it before she said anything, before she did anything, before she had even finished walking across the shop. In her opinion, I’d put too much ice cream on the ice cream cone of the customer she had just seen walking out of the store, and this was what she was mad about. (Later I watched her serve an ice cream cone, and it looked to me like the same amount of ice cream I had served. Whatever.)

    Was she broadcasting? Yes, but not by thought alone. Had it been by thought alone, I would have known she was mad before she’d even entered the store. She had to step through the door before I knew– because it was the way she performed the physical act of walking through the door that tipped me off. Actions count, and they do broadcast.

    Another boss I had was always kind of distant, and never seemed to want to talk to me much. That made things uncomfortable, because I never got a feel for his moods– I couldn’t tell, just from how he came through a door, whether he was mad or not. Another coworker at the same place was friendly, and would make small talk from time to time. I quickly was wishing he was the boss, simply because he was so much more approachable (and, thereby, easier to read). Again, it was actions that made the difference.

    Then there are cats. I went to visit my old friend whom I hadn’t seen in years, and I got to meet his wife and kids and pets. Their cat was terribly anti-social except, as it happened, towards me. They were gobsmacked when this cat first sniffed my fingers, then let me pet it, then curled up in my lap. I was broadcasting too, though what the cat was reading were my smells, and demeanor, and possibly my heartrate. These aren’t really actions, but they are physical, and they are what the cat used to size me up.

    In all these cases, the actions are manifestations of the person’s thoughts. In that sense thoughts do broadcast, but they broadcast through a particular medium. (Radio is the same way, though radio gets weird because it creates its own medium.) To sit in seclusion somewhere and think a flood of loving thoughts is not enough, one must let the thoughts guide the action. ~Then~ there is broadcasting.

  2. My Sifu told me a story of a class who were playing form together, and a friend of his who at the same time stood in Wu Chi meditation at another location. In the story the friend standing in Wu received new insights about the form. He began doing a form he had never seen before.

    If we really let go and just be the form. I believe incredible things can happen. If I did receive this type of communication I would quickly explain it away. I think perhaps my cup is too full.

    Perhaps if we play Tai Chi like children with no preconceived ideas of what it will bring we could tune in.

    Perhaps I am not ready yet.

    • I’ve had personal anecdotal experiences like this. It’s part of the creative spontaneity of things, and the wellspring that we can tap into. I find though that as we become immersed in formal training, learning correct postures and such, while very very important, we get caught up in the box and aren’t thinking outside it so much. It’s important not to lose sight of that–that while we are practicing 90 to 95 percent of the time under correct procedure, we need to spend some time playing with and experimenting with the form–playing jazz with it.

  3. Hey Donna, thanks.

    Last night I sat in meditation and “broadasted” for about 30 minutes. Funny, it was mostly fantasy and wish fulfillment stuff, and yes, most of it took place with seeing myself in a hermitage in the mountains of New York practicing tai chi.

    This is one of those rabbit holes I am fearful of going down. In the end, even if we could do it, so what. Well, it would be vewry amazing and confirmation of what we know in our hearts might be possible, but perhaps we can still get there without worrying about it and just doing the practices.


  4. Nice post, Mike – I think about this often also. Just because we’re not tuned in, doesn’t mean the radio-waves aren’t there, I reason. We just aren’t practiced in the skill.

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