Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | January 20, 2010

Kevin Trudeau and Mind Power

So, I ventured to other channels last night, and caught one of my favorite infomercialists, Kevin Trudeau.
We’ll start this post by saying I did some research today on Mr. Trudeau, and there’s a lot of controversy about whether he’s a huckster or being persecuted and discredited by the government. I must say, there’s no way I’m sending him 3,ooo dollars to learn how to use my brain as a transmittor and receiver to make my wishes come true, but…there is some truth to the things he says–wanting to address one’s health from a natural, organic approach makes sense to me. Products that are supposed to “help” us do contain chemicals and poisons that are bad for us. The food industry does use some crazy ass shit that makes us obese and gives us diabetes among other things. Things like vitamin D or other natural cures can always be shown to have no proof of benefit because the powers that be will never allow a fair study to be done, and on and on.

So, whether Mr. Trudeau is a snake oil salesman or not, I evaluate what he has to say like everything else–do I discount the spiritual writings of so many yogi, tai chi, zen, and buddhist masters who claim that a way of life is beneficial to us? Does the FTC and FDA go after any tai chi author who makes claims about chi because chi cannot be proven to exist? If a taoist speaks of yin yang and energy imbalance, if an acupunturist speaks of illness as a blockage of energy, is it any different if Kevin Trudeau says it?

So, last night, he makes the claim to have the secret to using our brains as a transmittor and receiver, much like a radio, to send out our thoughts to the universe, and sit back and watch the universe move heaven and hell to make our wishes come true. Is this possible?

I believe it is. I believe that the human mind, human thought, is much more powerful than we have developed so far. Is there a frequency or frequencies that we can tune our minds to to achieve certain things. This whole area of the law of attraction, of thought power, is still an ineffable mystery, one that has been getting tapped into by spiritual practitioners for a long time, but has not become commonplace yet. I am reluctant to pursue a lot of it for fear of wasting time down a rabbit hole, but it is an important part of my contemplative practice of tai chi chuan. Have I found the radio frequencies yet? No. I’ll let you know if I do. But, intuitively, vibration and frequency is clearly part of the human equation.


  1. just wondering if you had any more information on that particular show. i caught the tail end of it and am looking to watch it again. thanks

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