Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | January 19, 2010

Quick Self Defense

On occasion, in my enthusiasm, I try to show women at work some quick self defense techniques, and it ends up looking pitiful! Mostly because I blow past all the foundational stuff. But, to get some quick tips across, this is what I tell people:
1. Step back so your body is at a 45 degree angle, cutting down the target area of your body.
2. Unlock your knees–bend your knees but not too much. Have a sense of springiness so you can move.
3. Raise your hands in a defensive posture, to protect your face, but keep elbows down and in, like a western boxer. To disguise this defense, you can put your hands up as if you are surrendering, or place a palm on your chest in a non threatening matter.
4. Use circles–circle your arms over or under the opponent when grabbed to lock out their elbows. I then tell them to imagine a big strong body builder is holding them. Then you can smack their hands away.
5. I show them some seriously vulnerable striking areas and how to commit mentally to using them–eyes, throat. I also like to let them try techniques on me, but when showing a new person fighting techniques, as a teacher, be aware that they may not know how to pull their punch or strike, so be sure to tell them to do the move slowly and not to hit you so hard, otherwise you might end up being blinded or struck in the windpipe by your “student.”


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