Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | January 7, 2010

Rick Warren; The Purpose Driven Life

I’m “working” a book given to me by a co worker by Rick Warren called The Purpose Driven Life, What On Earth Am I Here For? The reader is encouraged to read one chapter a day for 40 days, 40 days being the archetypal transformative amount of time in most biblical stories. The bottomline, as with most constructs, is that you have to accept some basic assumptions and then decide whether you want to live your life under that construct. Here, the assumption is that God created you for His purpose, and until you accept that, your life will be meaningless.

Day One: It’s not about me. “The purpose of your life fits into a much larger, cosmic purpose that God has designed for eternity…”

In my tai chi and taoist practice, I have come to believe in a cosmic order or way. I have a belief in a divine or numenous, ineffable source of life, I believe our purpose in life is to learn, develop, grow, and prepare ourselves, as if this were school. I beliee the earth revolves around the sun and we are on the earth going for the ride. I also believe the entire universe, the hundreds of billions of galaxies, are all intimately part of one thing, and that what is going on billions of light years awat is connected to what is going on here. I believe in the individual, and the individual’s call to holiness. I believe there is a life after death, whether it is several dimensions, like college, graduate school, post graduate, a spiritual development, evolution, growth.

I believe so many people have and are and will go through life purposelessly, with their head in the clouds, not fulfilling their true purpose. An interesting question Rick Warren poses is, what would your family and friends say is your purpose? That was interesting because I have an idea of who I am and what my purpose is–I see myself primarily as a contemplative practitioner of tai chi chuan kung fu, and secondarily as a teacher. But do my friends and family percieve me this way, or do they only see the guy who went to Columbia and is now managing a shoe store for a living?

So, I’ll be going through this book, not because I consider it a major work, but there’s some sort of synchronicity at play here, being given the book and all, so I’m going to work it(read it, study on it, comment on it, contemplate around it) and I’ll try to give you guys feedback over the next 40 days.


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