Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | December 29, 2009

World Violence

Currently in the news, we are inundated by people who think that they can achieve something through violence. Some jack ass just tried to blow up a plane with a crotch bomb, the totalitarian government of Iran continues to opress it’s own people, deny them freedom, and threaten the rest of the world with extreme violence, pirates off the coast of Somalia have taken currently ten or more shipping vessels without repercussion.

In the holiest, most compassionate way I can, I want to say, kill these f’ng people! Some people just don’t get it, just can’t be reasoned with, just don’t understand humanity and justice, are so brainwashed in their own mental system that they’ll never think they are wrong, or are just so evil that they cannot be reached. They need to be told NO! They need to be disciplined. They need to be struck down and not allowed to celebrate or smirk or think they have succeeded in any small way.

Now let me go do some quiet meditation and think about peace. But in the meantime, kill these f’ng bastards!



  1. In a more lucid moment, let me say, on the grand scale, a broken system will have to deal with violence–not to put the blame on the corporations or other powers. But on an individual basis, it just is, and the enemy or opponent leads himself to his own destruction unless he or she turns around at some point. But otherwise, this is the essence of tai chi, it is not me killing you, it is you killing you by your own actions…

  2. It’s funny, I was thinking about this stuff lately, too – who hasn’t? What is the “gentle way” with these people?

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