Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | December 29, 2009

Levi’s Corduroys Are Back!

At Christmas Eve dinner, I noticed one of my nephews was wearing a pair of straight legged corduroy jeans! They weren’t actually Levi’s, but they were the same thing. The next day, one of my friends who works at the mall was actually wearing a pair of Levi’s Corduroys! They’re back! I can’t tell you how much I loved those pants. I got my first pair junior year in high school, 1977! It was a way for us to wear cool pants, jeans, that passed for dress pants at Seton Hall Prep, and even a lot of the teachers wore them. It was ok as long as we had our dress shirts, ties, and blazers on. But we had our jeans and our wallabies(suede shoes for those not in the know). I continued wearing them through college, and then they started going out of fashion, and you couldn’t find them any where, and then, I got clued into a little store in Montclair, and the guy had drawers and drawers full, and he even had a trap door behind the counter that led to a secret stash of these perect pants in his basement. The store went out of business long ago and has become something else, but every time I drive by, and I mean every time, I would wonder if there was still a secret stash of those Levi’s corduroys in the basement.

So, now they’re back in fashion. I love it. Maybe I should go get a pair right now.


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