Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | December 29, 2009

Being in thr Present Moment

I was reminded last night by Father John Corapi on EWTN about the importance in the spiritual life of being in the moment, of being in the present, and he made the word asssociation that the present is a “present,” or gift. It’s true that we gunk up our minds with so much thinking about the past, past events, past slights, past injustices, past good times, or worrying about the future, what will it look like, how will I get there, what’s it going to cost, am I going to succeed. And in so doing, we handicap ourselves, losing sight of what we need to be doing in the present, and depriving us of the beautiful experiences of each moment, of each day.

What a beautiful spiritual practice it is to live in the moment, to be innocent and wide eyed as things unfold before our very eyes. To just do what we need to do for that day, for that moment(projects that are so overwhelming to us are usually handled by just doing what needs to be done one step at a time((as a double aside, I must say I get very discombobulated when people turn things into chaos and start 40 things at once because I know none of it will be finished. Take one thing down, put one thing up, and in no time, you’re done)).

I’m thinking right now of the many people I’ve encountered in my life, buddhist monks, catholic monks, friends at the catholic community at Columbia way back in the day, who understood and lived this tenet of the spiritual life.

I’m also realizing that you can’t fake it. If you’re not doing the work, it doesn’t shine through just by talking about it. But when you’re doing the work, and living it, it shines through, people notice that certain something, and nothing needs to be said.

And since this is a tai chi chuan blog, I will add that the disciplined practice of tai chi is perfect in bringing us into the present moment, in experiencing the present, in experiencing the mystical truths embedded in every arc, circle, and spiral of the form.


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