Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | December 28, 2009

A Retail Christmas

So, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. I’m glad the week’s over. It was good. I had a good Christmas, and I actually had Christmas day off because the mall was closed. I visited family both Christmas eve and Christmas day, but I was getting an attack of the blues and missing my mom and dad and Christmases in my own home.

When you work retail, retail owns the holiday. You have to fight hard to get some of it back, which I did, but it was mad rushing about trying to get things done. I will say this about commercialism though: yes, there were 8 billion people trawling through the malls, but I think it’s because people really do want to express their love for their family and friends, even if it is through the medium of a gift from the mall. It’s a symbol of love. So, we all know the pitfalls people fall into in giving and getting gifts, but let’s not be too harsh on ourselves.

The weeks leading up to Christmas, overwhelmed with work and personal chores, gave me this revelation–I decided to give each day to Christ, good or bad, it would become a gift. So if it was a good day, it was a particularly good gift. If it was a bad day, I just made sure I didn’t make a mess of things and would be able to offer Christ a good effort and an honest day. My concept of Christ here, in this context, is mystical and ineffable. PLease remove the trappings of what men try to say Christ is–how can you define a mystery?

God so loved the world that he gave his only son…

Oh, and we had a snow storm, huge amounts of snow. I thought for sure we would get the day off. But when I looked out the window, I saw that the streets were clean as a whistle, so I trapsed off to work. I think that was what started me getting depressed, the fact that I had to work on what should have been a snow day!

You know, the way my parents and now my aunt used to reminisce about going shopping in downtown Newark, I wonder if that’s the way people will reminisce in the future, telling their kids about these things called malls and they used to all go to the mall and walk around and eat in the food court and there were all these stores under one roof, and oh, we had so much fun, and now, they’re all gone…

Oh, and I also f’d up something at work for the big corporate visit and was given whatfor by my boss and that sent me into a tailspin; I’m too sensitive–but it’s over and it’s all good and our “get fit” sale is in full swing!

One of the coolest shows I saw on TV was an astronomer doing this thing tracking the placement of the stars, which they can apparently do with computers, and he was able to show what was in the sky during the weeks leading up to the first christmas, and it was awesome. There was a conjunction of Jupiter and the star regulus which made it look like one bright amazing star, that through retrograde motion made it look like it was moving over Bethlehem, and the constellation virgo was in the sky, and he related what was happening in the sky to prophecies from Daniel, so, it made it seem like “it was written in the stars.” I’ve always intuited that the billions of galaxies and billions of stars in each of those billions of galaxies are somehow intimately related to our lives here on earth. Astrologists present it as an exact thing. I don’t know. But it is awesome to look up at the stars this time of year and wonder if there’s a message written in them.

Anyway, New Year, 2010, is coming up, I’m finalizing my resolutions, and I wish everyone an awesome new year!



  1. Hi Mike! Thanks for your kind comments and I do hope to be back to regular blogging soon. As for the stars…Have you ever checked out my friend’s site, I tried to make a link but couldn’t. Those ladies are fabulous and Dana is all the Jungian analyst I will ever need! Blessings to you in this shining New Year!

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