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Mike Murdoch; Inspiration Ministries; 7 Laws

So, late night viewing brings me to Mike Murdoch again of Inspiration Ministries. Last night was a new program but a review of his “seven laws” for success in life. I’ll recap it here because they are, to me, wonderful lessons for contemplation. Whether the final call to send money is the right thing, well, I still haven’t bought into it. It’s funny, but when you see the same thing over and over, you begin to see some of the contradictions, and where there might be the lie hidden in the truth. But, there is a lot of good stuff in it so I’ll recap it for you, but I’m wary of anyone whose pitch is, don’t be dumb, don’t be ignorant(when I bought my car so many years ago, that was the pitch the guy used to sell me extra insurance,”don’t make the biggest mistake of your life and drive the car off the lot without supplemental insurance.” Luckily I was so done with the car buying process, I was ready to not spend one more dime for the car).


Law # 1 The Law of difference.
This is having the wisdom to be able to discern difference. What makes you different from everyone else. What problem can you solve?

Law#2 The Law of the Mind
Knowing how to focus the mind, to rule the mind, to make the mind work for you, not let the mind control you. To learn, to be focused, to concentrate, to have a picture in your mind of what you want and go for it, like visualization. See it. Have pictures up on the wall.

Law# 3 The Law of Recognition
The thing you need is there; it’s just a matter of recognizing it. If there’s something missing in your life, there’s more than likely something you’re not seeing. Most of the time it’s right in front of your face but you are so conditioned and so distracted that you don’t see it. I like this one a lot. Tai chi helps with this, and taking the time for contemplation and meditation. What are you not seeing?

Law #4 The Law of 2
Mike Murdoch speaks of the power of covenant, and that the difference in seasons is a person. One person can change your life in 24 hours. All you need is one person to recognize what is special about you, to take you on as a mentor to you, to enter into a covenant with you. Who is that person?

Law #5 The Law of Place
Where you are is as important as what you are. Mike Murdoch speaks of Jesus, who had to leave his hometwown and preach elsewhere to be recognized. When you are where you belong, your genius emerges. So it behooves us to consider whether we are where we need to be, and if not, where is that place.

Law #6 The Law of Honor
Your future is determined by who you have chosen to honor. You must have a code of honor. Honor is a seed that will outlast a lifetime.

Law #7 The Law of the Seed
Our offerings to God are seeds that produce a harvest. There are many types of seeds in our life. Honor is the seed for access, kindness is a seed, time is a seed, love is a seed, teaching is a seed, giving is a seed. This law is to work in the financial arena as well.

But there are two important caveats Murdoch adds–we need to learn to reap what we sow. If we do not reap what we sow, there is no harvest. And, expectation is an important and essential part of the equation. If we seed without expectation of of reaping a harvest, we will not reap the harvest. If we expect a harvest of God, it shows faith in God, and faith in God is confidence in God, and God likes us to have confidence in him.

I will add here that when a farmer plants his seeds, it takes an awful lot of seeds to make a harvest, and many of the seeds don’t take. The same probably holds true in ther mystical sense. We may plant a lot of seeds, a teacher for example, in his or her lifetime, plants many seeds in many students, but not all bear fruit.

I will also add here that while I think I believe in sowing money as a seed, you do have to discern carefully where you are sowing that money.



  1. I like when he says …..that when a seed leaves your hand , it does not leave your life, it just reappears again in the future……

    • NO one is ever forced to give money…anyone who does so does it VOLUNTARILY….it is their business,, give him nothing, resent all you want…but, you are still free to do what you want.

  2. I am with you on the whole idea that has come to be called “SOWING!” I have not put my finger on the whole lie, but the bible tells us how to identify a lie in each area. In the subject of sowing. ALL what he is saying is true but I’ve discovered in my quest to seek out the truth, not the lie, because its foolish to chase down a lie is: God says that we have to prove him in TITHES And Offering. It has to be both to work. We cant just pick one. Either we believe the bible in its entirety or not. Obedience is better than sacrifice. God is pleased with our obedience through our faith. It is impossible to please God without Faith in HIM! We show our love abd faith in him through our obedience. He said, If you love me, you will follow my commandments. Tithes are an offering that we give to God out of our obedience. Then, you have freewill offerings.

    AS far as Inspiration Ministries goes.. this Bastard raked in over 95 Million dollars last year…people are living in their cars with their familys. the bastards do not help any one but themself….

  4. This man has it all wrong. There is nothing man can do to improve man without faith in Christ and what he did for us at the cross. He can make up all the laws he wants. What does the bible say about it. There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the FLESH but after the SPIRIT. Romans 8:1Mike’s Laws teach to walk after the flesh!Now the bible talks about a very important Law that we should understand! This is the Law of God. “God’s Perscribed Order of Victory”   Romans 8:2For the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ JesusHas made me free from the Law of sin and death.Mike Murdock should know that (Romans 8:2) these are the two most powerful Laws in the Universe; the “Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus” alone is stronger than the ” Law of Sin and Death”; this means if the Believer attempts to live for God by any manner other than Faith in Christ and the Cross, he is doomed to failure. Read the Book of Romans!

    • Ridiculous. Sitting around waiting for God to fix you will leave you waiting a very long time. He helps those who help themselves. The 7 Laws are helpful guides for man to do his part, then leave the rest to God. Just reciting Bible verses without accepting responsibility for trying to improve yourself and your relationship to your fellow man is a misapplication of scriptures. “For what you do to the least of them you do to me,” said Jesus. Striving to become a more loving, peaceful and understanding human being does not in ANY way jeopardize our relationship nor our dependence upon Jesus. Quite the contrary. It makes us co-laborers, working with Him, through Him, and for Him for our salvation. We cannot earn it, but we must keep His tenants and that is hard work for the flesh. Why do you think God gave us free will? So that we might surrender it and make it ONE with the Father. The 7 Laws provide a helpful road map.

  5. This man has it all wrong. There is nothing man can do to improve man without faith in Christ and what he did for us at the cross. He can make up all the laws he wants. What does the bible say about it. There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the FLESH but after the SPIRIT. Romans 8:1
    Mike’s Laws teach to walk after the flesh!
    Now the bible talks about a very important Law that we should understand! This is the Law of God. “God’s Perscribed Order of Victory”   Romans 8:2
    For the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus
    Has made me free from the Law of sin and death.
    Mike Murdock should know that (Romans 8:2) these are the two most powerful Laws in the Universe; the “Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus” alone is stronger than the ” Law of Sin and Death”; this means if the Believer attempts to live for God by any manner other than Faith in Christ and the Cross, he is doomed to failure. Read the Book of Romans!

  6. I heard most of the sermon, thankfully I missed the part about sending in money. It have brought about an awakening in my soul. I am willing to try out his theory of the 7 Laws for the sake of all that is Holy I hope he is right. I hope you all can see the benifit of the message and leave the politics and religion where they belong. Any suggestions I can get to improve this life I am so ready to give it a shot. May Gods Peace reach the four corners of this place and it’s people.

  7. Luke 6:35 should put everyone right about expectation that mike murdoch focuses so heavily on. The Alter sacrifices, seeds and offerings have no longer been necessary for 2000 years

  8. Thought I would add my 10 pence worth about Mike Murdoch. He is a very entertaining irish American, carrying all the charm from his Irish roots into the 21 st century. The body language on camera of the Choir tell a very different story, one of dismay and disbelief at times. He has a provocative style and at times steps over the line between entertainment and insults which pass over head, most but not all of the audience. He’d make a good comedian with repatoire of stories and anecdotes here in Manchester, England. A very unconventional minister indeed….

  9. i feel those who dont know the wprk of GOD should leave those who want to do things for the men of GOD. i see no reason why some people wanna get involved violently in GOD’s business. i wish there was a bible school he own i could go to how to be a preacherman, i have been called for GOD’s duty. but i need help

    • as pessoas não querem se envolver com a violência o mundo é a violência só se pode ser livre dela quem se unir a jesus

  10. I’m impressed, I need to say. Actually not often do I encounter a weblog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me inform you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Your thought is outstanding; the issue is one thing that not enough individuals are talking intelligently about. I’m very blissful that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for one thing relating to this.

  11. I do not need Mike Murdoch to tell me about seven laws, the bible has ten
    commandments to go by, and there is plenty home-less, needy poor people
    in the neighbor-hood who need help. Haiti has yet to receive all the relief
    and funds promised since the earthquake. You read your bible and give tithe if you could afford extra monies then you help where needed or necessary, Use Common Sense.

    • The lord gave us the ten commandments, so according to you,you do not need Mike Murdocks ‘seven laws’.If what you have said is anything to go by,we should all just sit at home and read the Bible, should not bother going to church or listen to teachings and preachings from the men of God. I know your next question will be ‘who are the men of God?’ and ‘Is MM one of them?’ Pls seek God’s wisdom.

  12. People. Who Don’t know about God’s word just talk. He’s God’s person

  13. You will never see a $1,000.00 of my money. It does not cost anything to sow a seed.

    • I really pity people who are giving bad comments about Mike M. They are ignorant of the Bible. I even doubt if they are Christians.

      • How is being ignorant of the bible related with giving mike a bad name? It aint right for them to give Mike a bad name, but it aint right for you either to castigate them in the name of the bible. Mike speaks good, but messes it all up, like all his fellow prosperity theologians by asking one to connect with his words by giving money. That, I have a problem with, and I think most people too!

    • The focus should not be’Mike Murdock’ but let us pray for God’s wisdom to recognise the truth when it is told, be it by Mike or anyone else

  14. You have got to be kidding me. Mike Murdock is nothing but a scam artist using scriptures from the the Bible to manipulate people into giving Mike Murdock money. Have any of you ever READ the Bible? You think Christianity involves sending people like this scammer money? Tithe to your church or any worthwhile organization—YES. “Plant a seed…i.e. send these scammers money and GOD will bless you” IS NOT TITHINIG!!! These scammers don’t even claim it to be. Give money to your church. Give money to help people who need help. DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO SCAMMERS !!!

    • The seed planted is not for Mike murdoch. If he uses it to his own selfish ends and not to God, then he will have himself to blame. However, we look to God for his blessing not to mike murdoch, therefore God will not let us be deceived and will still bless our faith in him.

      • if he doesnt preach about the sacrifuce of jesus our saviour he is not a true christian but a financial motivator which is sad for people who love god

    • I am really sure that i need no one to tell me that you need understand about God word…..once you have the understanding then you will render you apology about what you said to mike

    • How do you know that you church is not a scam.Sounds to me that you people don’t understand the reason for doing this in the first place.Does not make scence that you would give a thousand to your church without a problem but would not give it to this guy.You are still basically giving it away.How do you know that your church is not scaming you.You don’t.Your faith in the giving and recieving(reaping and sowing) does not have what God needs from you.FAITH and Confidence that God will with the (not your) money.When you leave this existence you may have money and you can even leave it with loved ones but one thing for sure you won’t take it with you.Spread it while you are here with faith that God will do great things with it and expect it to return to you as quoted in word of God.

  15. I want to be one of 300 to sow a seed of a $1000.00.

    • brother dont feel guilty if you dont give that amount mike is not god to to jesus about your need mike is a financial motivator you need a saviour not a money jesus bless you be happu

  16. Thnx the seven laws to success bless my life

    • Right…everyone chooses to send money,,or not….NO one is being coerced

  17. I really like mudock

  18. Very inspiring..

    • Yes, it’s important to not throw the baby out with the bath water. The fact that Mike Murdoch asks for money does not in any way negate the pristine wisdom of his 7 Laws. Learning to accept what is useful and leave the rest is, in itself, wisdom.

  19. This ministry is out for money – money grubbing, its all about “give us money” when you are sick, try asking them for money

  20. tell me what you believe about this rapture I here about, paster arnold murruy says no one will fly away like it says in ezekell 13:20 thats what there saying the rapture is jesus will take you into the air 1rst Thessalonens 4:13-18 when jesus comes we as believers stay here right thru the time when satan comes first then jesus comes and puts satan in a pit for a 1000 years.

    • We which are alive and remain will caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, not on Mt Carmel or any other place, but in the air! We and all those believers who died before will be coming out of their graves first.This is sooo true! During the tribulation which follows on earth God will be pouring out his wrath on an unrepentent, unbelievable world. Jesus said, “Just as was in the days of Noah…” Remember Noah was saved from the destruction of the flood.” Jesus took the punishment we deserved, so we might saved from God’s judgement if we believe. Don’t let anybody tell you what scripture says isn’t true. Pastor Murray can stay if he wants to, but I’m going to fly away! Praise God

    • Did you read 1Thes 17 ?

    • dear david the rapture will happen soon you can see sign of his comming already arab nation around our beloved israel in a state of anger soon brother you will see jesus as he promised

  21. Amen god bless lord almighty Amen . For i have also spoken and read the words of god. for i believe in the lord Jesus Christ almighty for he is here ha le lu ya

  22. I enjoy ur show today

  23. Please do not send this man any of your hard earned money

  24. I agree with Ray from Sept 9 if mike murdock was a true man of God he wouldn’t be on television pretending to preach the word of God or asking for money or doing anything in the name of God for personal compensation

  25. I’m one of the 300!

  26. Our God Is Greater.. Haleluya 🙂

  27. When I watch a program like this, it makes me sick. People are being fooled by this kind of preacher. Most of the people that send money to this program just have enough to survive but willing to help to spread the love of God. Unfortunately, most of the preacher (like mike) are spending the money to buy more mansions and luxury cars for themselves/himself. Watch mike when he’s appealing for donation ($1000), he’s so fake. He only like money, money and more $$$$. If you want to sow God’s love and His word, you don’t need to send your money to “Mike the CON”, just start in your neighbors, your friends or even your family. Remember, we don’t need to go across the sea to be a missionary… I’m not against giving donation but we just need to make sure that the money is being use in the right way not for more treasures for mike himself. Just watch mike’s body language when he’s pleading for CASH, you can see in his face another big payday for himself.

    • I agree with you. We can sow here to our fellow man. And sowing dosen’t always have to be with money

      • NO one is being forced to pay anything….Grow UP

  28. Purpose Driven Life well we’ll see cause all I’m asking for is help not just for your money and as it is written the shepherd will leave the other 99 to go and seek out the other one so as I said we’ll wee

  29. Dr. Mike I had all but writen you off as a money grubbing phoney but as I shared before about my story in the burn unit I have decided to put you to the test! There are literally thousands of those kids in those places where they will never know love nor kindness so here is your chance to step up to the plate and let’s you and I found an organization whereby on a one to one basis I go around and find those kids and even young adults such as myself who are rendered physically disabled but are capable mentally of lending help to these little ones at theri lowest. So heres your shot you’ve got millions so let’s see if you’re willing to use those millions to the service of God. Travel and a small expence is all I expect and if you’d liike we can meet face to face but if you searched the world over in ten thousand lifetimes you’d never find anyone with my qualifications so either put your money where your mouth is or then I and all the people will know just exactly what you are and who you’re really working for. Thanks: RICKY WAYNE “ANGUS’ PALMER [256]460-7660

  30. My Dearly Beloved Brother I wish for you to hear my story. On Jan. 22 1994 I was accidentaly shot through the liver with a .22 cal. long rifle hollow-point, thenon June 4, 1998 at 5:30am I awoke to find the house filled with smoke and the living room a/c unit had caught the entire living room on fire now although my wife at the time [she’s since left me the strain just to great] I realized that in the confusion our dog Petie had ran back inside plus I had about $15,000.00 worth of guitars and other musical equipt. in there so I ran around to the rear door kicked it in and that is the last thing I remember till I awoke in the Ms. Firefighters Memorial Burn Center where I spent 42 days undergoing 7 major skin grafting surgeries to repair the burns. I also had my face crushed so badly that it literally turned my right orbital socket into powder and it required titanium plates and numerous screws to rebuild all the right side of my face and it took me 6 months to learn to walk again. But the one thing I hope you take away from my story is this; on the very last surgery I begged the Dr. not to remove anymore skin from my upper thigh and crotch region and as soon as I awoke I knew that he had. SO they pushed me back there on my bed and wenched me up and then dropped me over into the water and then they proceeded to rip the bandage off and it had already bagan to grow into my flesh. So I was screaming and cussing both the Dr.’s, nurses, and even God for letting this befall me when all the sudden they wheeled me into the room where they rebandaged us and there lay this little 2-3 yr old toddler a black baby7 and I could see that he was nurned in the exact same areas that I was. SO I said well that’s one of the toughest little guys I’ve ever seen to not even be crying! Then the nurses looked over at me and asked Rick don’t you know about this little guy? He’s the little boy who was abandoned at birth by his birth parents and he has spins-bifida so he can’t feel anything from the waist down and on top off all that his foster parents set him on fire. Mr. Murdock I beg of you to tell this little guys story for if you don’t no one ever will. I broke down and I cried for what seemed like hours cause here I was mad at God and here this child was who would never know what it is like to walk to the restroom, down the street, nor ever have anyone to care for him. Now I have thought in the past that you were just a money hungry fake so here is your one chance to prove me wrong. My name is Ricky Wayne Palmer and my ph# is [256]460-7660 and I am dis-abled so I am here all the time please call me and please share this story with the world and prove to me that there truly are Pastors that really care still out there

  31. Murduock you say that your Father is in his mid nineties and has never spent a day sick nor in the hospital but didn’t I haear you telling about a Hospital writing off a near $30,000.00 bill for him here while back? Now persoanlly I know you for what you are and yes you are indeed a prophet but you and folks like the Cerullo’s are end time False Prophets and for rvery single cent that you steal from the flock so to shall you be sheared by he who is Master over the ruler you now serve! Mike is it really worth it to have more cars more homes and more cash than one could use in ten thousand lifetimes. I have a feeling from my Master that I should not show you any kindness therefore I shall stop but please my Brother remember Christ Jesus died just as much for Usama Bin Ladin as he did for you or I

  32. First time of listening in. Sound word, inspired presentation. May God continue to bless His word which liberates, equips, provides and empowers.

  33. Your INSP ministry is ripping Gods people of their incomes,Which most is small.Mike Murdock and others are Using Gods word to deceive millions..
    Your going to answer to GOD for this prosperity Crime.. Hell is full of people like you and your kind.

    • It is sound Word. We as Christians and other Beliefs do need to respond responsibley. I give my Tithe and Offerings to my church home, and when someone regardless of who it may be, says give X amount of dollars, I use my own discernment, Did I hear God tell me personally to sow that amount of money: Yes or No. Whether I have that amount or not, I am NOT an EMOTIONAL GIVER. I do not believe that God, Good as He is, Would not answer prayer simply because there are no $ signs after it. God is True-Every man a liar. Make sure that in your giving you are not reacting from emotions. you’ll be broke. Ask God for Wisdom and Discernment.

  34. Mike good teaching for all nations to harvest, but dollars sowing for the people of God in need.God bless yo idea but not that way review and see……….

  35. I should have read some of the other teachings on the links here before I joined in, maybe if my comment-turned-story is seen by any, though it will remind them where to look for the Truth.

    In the Tai Chai purpose or “not knowing” starts out ok and I definately relate and also admire the writer’s humbleness.
    Then I see how Jesus may or may not be a savior….
    Halt! Back up…
    actually I did think when I saw notes I’d wriiten while watching a program I’d said I do once in a while, I thought hmm I don’t think I should be looking here (my Mother in her disease’s last stages and I admit I am sufferring and feel lost as well as not knowing how to accept and live with her sufferring and leaving us so the “not knowing” prompted my reading)
    Anyway, I am horrified by that comment. I think maybe you did give a hint you are not a believer in Christ,& I didnt catch it though really the philosophy is showing me this new age sort of believe your belief in one’s own mind way of teachings, did kinda become evident to me, but I don’t hear you saying that nor did I watch a program denying the Truth of the gospel. So, you get our attention then decieve…
    But look, It can work-
    After all, I did write them down and here I am months later…
    Well sorry, but though in my faint at heart days I have doubts, I know Christ is My Savior and He Is God,He died on the cross for me and you and everyone else. He paid dearly, and we cannot comprehend that sacrifice or pain and sufferring and Thanks be to God and by God’s Grace, His Love for His children will not ever put us fallen and of flesh through that! He loves US, an I believe UNLESS you make the ultimate choice to deny Christ then those who dont MAY or MAY NOT “burn in a place where there’s gnashing of teeth” another thing we cannot relate to because we don’t know. I don’t think people realize how hard that ultimately is and maybe when I leave here I will know, but God does not want for Any to Perish.
    How dare you not say your truth to start. I say now as far as my other comment, may I rest my case with the what is true with you money scammers.

    • I recently heard qa sermon by MR. Murdock where he said”God doesn’t respond to my pain, nor to my tears” He responds to my faith.Mike you are serving a different God than me.Could it be a dollar bill?Don’t tell me God doesn’t respond to the heartbroken cry of a parent who just lost a child or to the terminally ill person who cries for mercy.Apparently you have never had to cry out to a God who knows the cry of a child in trouble,but i’ve been there.You are preaching a God who is only in the “good times”.Hope you won’t ever be forced to learn by experience.This is a hurting world and you have the audicity to make a statement like that.

      • In certain instances crying out to him is an act of faith… People choose to “Believe that He is (Faith) and the rewarder of those that dilegently seek Him (Faith) or NOT… There are plenty of people crying and cursing God the whole time… Do you expect God to be moved????

  36. I had watched the programs,”praise-a-thon’s”, etc. many times.
    In the past I was giving a lot of money to many of the praise-a-thon’s as well as feed the children and everything in-between.
    I struggled but didn’t see it relating to that because I was doing a good, not possibly wrong thing, and perhaps it just never entered into the equation when I did my budget….
    I started as a new Christian,walking whole-heartedly with the Holy Spirit and never watched anything else on tv.
    Listened to Christian radio that I kept on 24/7. I was so on fire for God that I spent every minute I could in His Word and by television too.
    Years later I found one of my bank books and looked and saw streams of checks for $100.00, one after the other to many different organization’s, some for regular monthly offerrings.
    I was on disability, ended up never getting off… so I wasn’t able to claim it on taxes either.
    I believe that’s how they get away with it and Government turns a blind eye…

    I was stunned,realizing how right I was after all when I started feeling anger toward these shows which did finally take me away from almost all t.v. ministry.
    I see it as playing on the emotional euphoria of people,especially the really hurting people.
    All that so called praise and just plain yelling that gets people all riled up all the while prompting them to know and feel the Holy Spirit so that it’s real etc., they are exceptional actor’s “if you will.”.
    I know there were still times I’d watch some of the not so LOUD ones and then feel a loss when I wanted to give but knew I simply didn’t have money to.
    It works on you that way too.

    Now I realize as I’m older,disabled and can’t afford to go shopping or out much, I think of all the senior’s or disabled that watch because that’s all they have, lonely people, desperate people,people in pain and heartache, those that turn to these programs for the reason’s they claim they’re there, only now I see it differently than when I too was caught up in seed faith giving…
    I know there may be many many many people getting sucked into giving and maybe giving everything they have.

    Another part of this lucrative buisiness; they know Christians won’t realize it’s a scam, they don’t know these people are the same as the multi million dollar marketer’, & maybe they do spend it to go around the world but they are reaping more for themselves than might be used to help the poor needy people they claim. I know how it goes without notice to someone completely in love with God maybe seeing it as if it can’t go wrong or be a mistake either way since their heart was in the right place.
    Maybe I’m wrong and maybe it’s not all the ministries on t.v,but I never remember my blessings being better from that, I was being blessed but by the reading of God’s word,church, and in life in the world and not relating to sitting and watching the t.v.
    As I began saying, when I saw all the $100.00’s of dollars & realizing I was as right as I was when I started falling away from these programs feeling they were just getting greedier & greedier, it was a bitter-sweet feeling of course, even after I saw the scam I didn’t take it all to heart after all it was from my Love for God.
    I must have still saw no real problem from giving the money.
    When I looked at those $100’s of dollars throughout this register, (I must have kept certain bank books just for that??)
    That day I began to KNOW what & where it took away from, what big issues were related to it, I literally had to push out the painful memories of the struggles(I had two teenagers at home too) & hardships… what those kids lived with by my squandering the household budget on…
    It hurts.
    I buried those files back where they are still.
    I think it’s worse nowadays and it’s on everything I see on my tv with converter box, just as other poorer people, and life is hard for poor lonely seniors.
    I see these programs now in other languages, and though I love seeing people from other countries knowing God and sharing His Word, I also know the incentive is there and its lucrative. I also know the progrm itself may have been made possible through American t.v. ministries.
    As I said, I know what they can do and the hearts of people it works on.

    I know what it does to me when I see it now, and I know it is only defeating the progress of getting God’s word out to those who don’t believe and for those calling Christianity cults, brainwash, and many other things.
    It is such the avenue for corruption, maybe one of the biggest.
    But these kinds of things are taught in His Word, in our Bible and with The Holy Spirit we read and understand His Word so that maybe many won’t be deceived as much as are by them. All in All, this reinforces the Most important things, Read God’s Word, Pray, and do not be decieved, even as the Bible tells us so.

  37. my God bless this ministry

  38. Yo, why God asking us for money. He owns the whole thing, why he don’t just give himself or Mike all the moolah they need? Don’t make no sense!

    • no it doesnt. as long as you dont believe him, you dont know him, you dont even want to know him. and his life, and his nature and his laws. GOD is a SPIRIT, he is not a physical being. He is substantial. He is supernatural. One law of his among the people is, give and it shall be given to you, by people. It applies everywhere. A giver receives.
      You are interested in GOD, you can always know him. and enjoy him.

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  40. iv’e been trying to sow a seed for 1,000 in the next 90 days but i’m having a little trouble God bless

  41. if god wants to talk to me,he should do it in person! what does he need $$$ for? how about i just help spread the word and you(mike)send me some money?then if he asks me for it, i will turn it over

  42. you are so fake! from your hairpiece to the crap that comes out of your mouth they should prosecute you for posing as a man of god when you are really just a con atist.

  43. I watched Mr. Mike Murdock’s show sunday morning and I was very inspired by it. The only thing I believe that most people are questioning is the fact that he wanted everyone to sow the $1000 seed to him. Will there be a diference if we sow the seeds in our respectfull religions instead of his alone?

    • richard farguer::the scriptures said to answer the fools according to his foolishness or we will become like them. we are not to bring ourselves DOWN to their pit. God created every humans as SEED SOWERs. our thouhgts, words, money, life-style, decisions, and everything else that comes out of every human being’s life are their seeds that will produce a harvest that determines the quality of the life they are now enjoying or harassing them, depending on the kind of seeds they have sown. there is a spiritual law that is recording accurately every seeds every human are sowing. that way no one can get away with anything. you can’t plant tomatoes and get cucumbers. that’s a snap-shot of that spiritual law. that law has nothing to do with church, knowing or not knowing God, believing or not believing God, good or bad, or anything else you can think of. The drug dealers, the prophets, the good, the bad, and everybody else are all governed by that powerful spiritual law. that way nothing is happening or not happening to your life without your permission. because what is going on in your life now is the result of the harvest from the seeds you have sown through your thinking, words, and all else that came out of your life. God is so smart to say the least, that he gave you the full power to decide and design your own destiny. you can go to hell if you want to, you are stupid if you do but you can, and God won’t stop you. you can go to heaven if you want to, you are smart if you do but you can, and God won’t stop you. in both of those decisions God maintain ONE SAME same position, which is to defend and protect you rights to DECIDE. that power that God gave you is so strong that you can even use it to stand there and vote God out of your life and He will stay out for good. see, you can make any decision you want to anytime you want to. but all those decisions are your seeds that will produce a harvest that arrives into your life in due time. there is no such thing as a decision without consequences, however small it may seem. there is no escaping your harvest. they will arrive into your life and you will wear it like a pajama. no one can escape it.
      your prating against MIKE MURDOCK the man of God with malicious words is a guarantee to yourself that your reward is already heading towards you and you will not be able to escape it. you plant poison you get poison. God does everything the way He wants it whether anybody likes it or not. so you think God should talk to you in person? there’s a man in the Bible God talked to but God used a jack-ass to talk to him. why? God don’t talk to fools in person. that fool was so mad that he wanted to kill the poor donkey that he never stop and THINK a little bit that he is carrying on a conversation with an animal. he didn’t even realized it because he so furious. that donkey got that fools attention and fixed his deal for him that he never again missed it with God for the rest of his life. there are people out there that needed some jack-asses to talk to instead of God. i used to deal and do drugs out there and the whole 9-yard. got into 3 major car accidents that totaled the vehicles all from drugs. always several days later from those 3 different accidents i woke up and found out i’m in the hospital somewhere. but somebody was praying for me relentlessly. back then it was very disgusting to me to hear somebody said he’s praying for me. but God answer that Christian’s payer and mercy reaches me and changed everything in my life. I used to think Christians were crazy and now i’m crazy just like the rest of them.

  44. Mike Murdock is a great thinker. His 7 Laws are practically the keys to the universe. There isn’t a person alive who couldn’t benefit from his wisdom. It took a lot of living, contemplation, observation, and listening to God to recognize these laws. Actually, they are more than mere laws, they are “truths.” I watch and listen closely to his show every night and each time I gain a deeper understanding of these tools for living that he is sharing with us. Would I send him $1000? No way! But I would like to say “thank you, Mike,” because his wisdom and his ability to teach and inspire far surpasses that of all therapists and clergymen combined. ANYONE could turn their life around by applying those Laws. Mike is a very smart man.

    • Just like anyone else you show appreciation to, send Mike a “thank-you” and a gift if you can and if what you received from him means that much to you. You shared those spiritual nuggets with someone else, I hope, and they benefitted. Surely you didn’t get something and selfishly hoard it just for your use. Spiritually a heart open to give is a heart ready to receive. You most certainly get back what you give and more. If someone benefits from what I give or do for them, I certainly like a show of gratitude. If they don’t appreciate it, I may not be available to them again for whatever reason. Mike Murdoch is not our next door neighbor, but he is a real person who gives to many peoople and to nobel causes nonetheless. I may never get back from those to whom I have given, but I am always blessed. It’s also a law- Sowing and reaping. Try to sow good only and expect that good harvest in return. We’re all channels blessed with wisdom, talents, and material things to bless someone else. Mike can and does because of his positioning help people and situations you & I may never see. I can help him to continue. Hopefully you use your gifts and resources to help others and there are people around to support your noble effort because they’re not in position to do what you do. …and it keeps going round and round unselfishly and many become the hands and feet of God on the Earth.

    • Dear Cherryblessin!!!!

      God bless you for seeing the good in people that may be not so good. I’m talking about paster Mike Murdock. I have only seen his brodcast 2 times on the B.E.T. network. The 2 times I saw him he was asking for $1000.00 from 1000 people so he can sow a seed for them , because God had asked him too.

      You have to beleave this is not true !!! Jesus went into the temple and knocked over all of the money baskets that belonged to the tax collecters saying “Theis is a place of worship and no one has to pay to pray”

      There is no where in the bible that Jesus says I want you to save your money and give it to my church so you can reap the benifits of your generosity. E sow this seed of money to get yur harvist.

      Go and watch Jack Van Impe and you will see the differance between a man who wants to help you go with Jesus when he returns to take his faithfull followers when it is time for the appocolips. That is what we need to be worried about not about giving some one yor money so they can talk to God for you.

      We are so close to the end of days and you never here theis TV evangelits or so called Master Prophets that tell you , You can’t make it to heavan without there help. Mike Murdock is a fraud, he is not a man of od and when he says God told him he was not listening ,he just says whatever he can to get your money.

      God bless my friend and please DON’T give this man any more of your time or money .I’m quite sure he has more than all of the people that follow him put together …

  45. Exactly the message is so amzing i dont care what he does with the money for whats important is the difference the message made in my life!

  46. Mike’s presentation of the seven laws was to me a confirmation of many things happening in my life right now. Yes I did feel a little like he was a cars salesman at the end. But Im thinking that if the Holy Spirit put it in your heart to give at that point, well then go ahead and give. We are essentially sowing financial seeds and I think God will certainly bless it. Of course we want to know that Mike is not paying the morgage bill on a home in the carribean with our money but then again it is not for us to judge or worry about that. Dont you think that God will take care of any wrong doing? Not that we should just throw our money away to everyone that comes along, but I was not feeling the Holy Spirit nudge me about sending in any money, so I think that not everyone of us are called to give to everything that comes along. You will know by the Holy Spirit when you are supposed to give.

    • Thanks Christine, I like your comment. I have recently sowed seeds to two causes close to me but have added the ingredient Mike Murdock talks about, which is expectation of a harvest. As he says, a lot of people sow seeds but don’t reap what they sow. We do need to learn how to reap…

  47. Mike:
    I want to sow a seed for my great-grandaughters father. Her name is
    Emma. She lost her mother, shortley
    after her birth. I want to ask God to
    save him and make him a giver instead of being a taker.He thinks
    only of himself and not his family.I want God to bless the woman that
    he married and the children in the
    family. I ask GOD to change the lives
    of this family.

  48. When I hear a preaching about living a virtuous life, being honorable, mindful, prayful, helpful, expectant of blessings and so forth I listen because it sounds right. Then when I hear hurry up and send 1000 dollars to me, and be one of the first 300 to do so so you can get special grace I turn off. He has a good message until it gets to the sales pitch.
    I will sow my seed in my daily life. When I come across a person who needs help, grace, blessings, peace, love and just something good to happen to them I will do what I can- without making me too poor to pay my bills.

    • Excellent!!! Thank you for sharing ~ Pat yourself on the back for life well-lived :~)

    • You are true to yourself and you do what you have faith and peace to do. If someone operates differently, just allow them to live and move by their faith in peace. What you do seems right to you and another is led by their heart. It takes money to operate your household and it takes a lot of money to bring beautiful messages to you and me and to the whole world. It takes money for evil ones to get their message of filth all over the world too, but you never once hear the supporters complain. They continue to support the filth and we know it breeds death, disease, social problems, crime, divorce, disobedient children, poverty, greed, corruption, confusion, mental illness, etc. If we believe God will supply all our need according to His unending supply, then we can give to a righteous cause to see that the good news of God taking care of his children is on tee shirts,on billboards, on every network, on the web, blasting on p.a. systems, ipods, etc. If we can help even a little for someone to do what we’re not able to do on a world scale for good, let’s do it and watch God keep our lights on and every other need supplied. If God doesn’t do it and he promised to take care of my need, then it’s not Mike Murdoch I want to talk to–it’s God Himself. I would like to know why and expect him to answer me as he did Job, David, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Peter, etc. He doesn’t prefer one person over the other, but favor is shown to those who please Him.

    • the ritch will alwsys get richer and the poor get porer how many cars he own and how many car he drive ask yourself i dont like idea of taking from credit card christian should not have credit card any way thanks god bless you

      • Please use your common sense. You do not have to give ANYONE $1,000 if you don’t want to. Giving Mike money will do nothing to further your journey back to The Throne. And, the fact that Mike Murdoch asks for this money does not invalidate the wisdom of his 7 Laws. They are beautiful laws and cannot help but make you a better person if you follow them. Take what is useful from his message and leave the rest. I have tremendous respect for Mike for sharing his 7 Laws with us. They are valid and helpful, so don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Use discernment and donate to the church or religious entity of your choice….or NOT. It matters not. The beautiful wisdom of the 7 Laws remains the same.

  49. It’s a good life lesson on being self-less. If you’re stingy with your emotions, time and money, then, more than likely, others will be stingy towards you with their emotions, time and money.

    I don’t think it’s always about money – differs person-to-person. Sit and look at your life, is it more difficult for you to part with your emotions, your time, or your money?

    Wherever it hurts more -that’s where you should start.

    My opinion : )

    • I think God should do something about you begging for peoples money, Jesus paid the price for all our blessings, so why should we pay some man that is taking from people you are a man that is monry hungry, I pray in JESUS NAME HE WILL REMOVE YOU FROM TV

      • So unfortunate that this is not clear to you, Jimmie. People don’t pay for wisdom like it’s a loaf of bread. They show appreciation to someone who tirelessly spends hours dedicated to get answers to help many hurting people. We pay govenment officials to look out for our interests. They’re doing a job that we can’t do because we work or don’t have the stamina for what they do willingly. We pay a doctor for the time he/she has spent preparing to diagnose and treat our illness. We pay a plumber for his time and expertise, and on and on. All of hese people are need meeters. It is unlikely they will do for us if they’re not paid to provide that “blessing” or service. The Man and woman fo God who God positions as a servant or worker commits themselves to do the work. The Bible entitles that man or woman to receive gifts from people. The Priests of the early Temple lived off gifts that they received, but God equated it with giving to Him because he received those gifts as an appreciation to Him for setting up the whole plan and process for their blessings and forgiveness. When you speak ill of someone, many are speaking ill of you and wishing your failure. Rather bless than curse. It will keep you humble before an Almighty God who will raise you up in right timing. While we’re sleeping many times, true servants of God who must carry a special word to the people are up searching and seeking as the Holy Spirit leads. I pray that Mike Murdoch and others stay humbled before God because He’s not a boss to trifle with. Let’s walk in love with our brothers and sisters in the Family of Faith. Be careful what you wish for others that it aligns with scripture. If God raises anyone up, He’s able to bring them down by His own will and power. He says it’s his will for none of mankind to perish, but that all should come to repentance and know Him. That should also be our wish even if everybody doesn’t–not our problem.

      • so dont give anything…what others do is NONE of your business!

  50. I just heard his teachings of the 7 laws and I was amazed at the information he presented…however I was not able to send the $1000. I also beleive in sowing seeds of other forms other than money and thats what I intend to do. God blesses us in so many ways and I was blessed that I got to hear the 7 laws.

  51. I saw this infomercial a few days ago. I feel so thankful to God that he made that happen because Mike Murdoch was speaking directly about the issues I am dealing with right now. I am trying to learn more about what he was teaching because I need that wisdom. When I have received the Blessing I need right now, I will send him his share. I definitely want him to be able to bring that message to someone else who needs it as much as I did.

    • That’s the spirit. You can’t beat that Law- Sowing and Reaping. It works all the time.All conditions must be favorable for optimum harvest–good seed, good soil, good feeding and watering, good atmosphere, timely harvesting. Then you don’t selfishly build a barn just to store so you don’t have to sow any more. You rather give it away and continue to repeat the process with an even greater expectation. Bless you to continue to sow in faith even kind words and deeds.

    • if you believe you shall receive jesus bless you

  52. I belong to a church and I did not go today because my back is hurting real badly, Mike’s message today was so moving for me that I did do the 1000 seed sow and I am so scared that I might have done the wrong thing I don’t even sow that much into my own church and I am scared that I should have sowed the 1000 into my own church instead of Mike Murdoch’s ministry.

    • Hey Laurie,

      My own personal view is that we should sow seeds, not just money, but time, friendship and on and on, into things we care about, that mean something to us. Since you’ve committed yourself here, I guess the best thing to do is not worry about it, have the sense of expectation Mike Murdock speaks about, and let the creative juices of the universe do their thing and see what comes up. God bless.


      • Really appreciate your comment, Mike. I agree. The spirit realm is so vast, much larger than we can think or see. Good deeds from a pure heart are rewarded from a lot of different places, people, and things but one God-source

    • Dearest Laurie ~ May the LORD richly bless you! Please do not allow fear to fight your faith in God’s absolute faithfulness!!!

      I believe that you gave to Minister Murdock’s ministry out of a pure heart, because you need something from God. Well, the Father fully knows the intent of your heart and He will not hold any that He has for you from you…including healing.

      As Mike has so clearly stated in his reply, you do not have to send money to anyone to access or activate God’s Presence, purpose or power in your life. However, by sowing into good ground ~ you can expect and will receive a harvest from the LORD. The Bible does not teach that we should only sow into our own Church..we are instructed to sow into “Good Ground”., {see Mark 4}. To me this means we must be led by the Holy Spirit in giving. He will direct and instruct you what, where and how much to sow.

      Like the Spirit, I believe that our seed makes intercession for us – and the Father knows your need, which HE will supply according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

      I send you blessings of peace & perfected praise ~ Your Sister-in-Christ,


      Shalom ~ ~ ~

      • Beautifully put, Val. You have sown also and you shall reap from your encouraging words. Be lifted up far from circumstances bombarding you. You are victorious because of your giving heart has opened up windows of heaven. Now you receive!

    • God’s word is a principle, Mick delve on the key points of God’s principle. He used the faith principle. You just wasted your money because you are in doubt or do not believe, did you hear him prayed about God’s curse on him if he uses the money for the wrong reason, so just leave that to God. God is not a joke, if he is fake then God will certainly visit him. Personally i think he was exercising his faith, its left for you to support his work by giving him or give to your local church or community using the same principles.

    • Laurie, I am only just reading these comments now, over a year since you left your message, but it really touched me. I am saying prayers for you and I hope you receive the blessings you need to heal your pain and assure you that you made the right decision. I am not about to make any judgement about Mike’s ministry or anyone who sent money (or didn’t send money). But your heart is obviously open to God’s blessings. May God bless you with everything you need.

  53. Iwill donated $1000.00 dollars in over 10months or less, however I was bless by the man of God out of my sleep and i did not hear all of the message ,however if it not to much to ask if you could seen me the book of 7 laws that would be great, i did plead on the phone and a plead form will be mail to me thank you for blessing my soul.Pastor Mike Murdoch.

    Thank God

  54. Interested in the 7 laws

  55. Hi,
    I learned a lot from Mike Murdoch’s present of the seven laws. It really energized me. But I have a question. It is, so many people might be very will to sow the $1000.00 seed, but may not have it. Does this mean that they will continue to be live with problems since they can’t afford the amount of money to sow the seed?
    Thanks George.

    • Hi George,
      Thanks for coming to the blog. I learned a lot from Mike Murdock also. I am not so sure myself about the sowing seed thing and if one will continue to have problems. Trying to manipulate things in this way does not seem right. However, I do have an intuitive sense, personally, that we can sow seeds and should, not so much financially, but with other things as well–helping someone, a smile, an education, and on and on. Sow with expectation. I have not sown money with mike murdock, but I have helped out friends in need of money, significantly. I have done so without expectation of return. This is where Murdock differs. He believes you must have expectation in order for it to work. I grew up in a faith model in which finances were not the key thing, in fact, an alliance with poverty was what was foundational. Again, Mike Murdock would give that look and say, well then, what do you want. So, you have to decide, are you living a higher spirituaL path in order to have lots of money or is there something else.


      • Greetings George, Hi Mike, Hello TaiChi Life family,

        Mike I completely agree with your point about sowing resources other than money.God has given each of us aspects of His abundance. It is therefore necessary for us to understand that we are obligated to give to those in need out of the respective abundance that we have been given.

        For example, I have been given extraordinary gifting of peace, joy and harmony. I am delightedly obliged to share or sow this abundance at every opportunity. My willingness to give others what the Father has given me activates a harvest of return in my life. People who have properly aligned themselves with the Spirit’s give me what I need.

        Pastor Murdoch has a wonderful message that empowers Believers by being more clear about the Laws of sowing and reaping but the focus sending money to him is out of sync. The LORD wants us to support and sow into the lives of those in need. As George said, give to those who cannot give anything to you in return.This is what really activates an abundant return in your life.

        Remember sow out of what you have been given by grace and great things will happen for you!

        I send you abundance,
        Val MC

      • thanks Val. Well put. The workings o0f the Holy Spirit are mysterious. As we place ourselves in the presence of the divine, we gain wisdom.


    • dear brother the word of god say give me your heart not money neverless jesus love a sheerful giver if definetly dont agree with a credit card or 1000 dollar just love jesus from all yorur heart and watch what he will do for you murduch is a good man believe what he preach god bless him

  56. please i hear the preaching this morning and i want to be among the three thousand people to sow.i ope it not late to me please



    • Greetings Bob,

      Yes, your Scriptural example of the power of two is accurate. This law also exemplifies the significance of divine connections. God always operates through relationship. First and foremost through our relationship with Him and His Son – Yeshua. He also operates through human relationships. It is therefore important that we rightly connect with the people through whom we will realize the abundance of the LORD’s promises for us.

      When you make the right connections, those that are ordained by God, you will further intersect with His Will and wonder. Your life as you know it can completely change, be enriched…blessed beyond measure…by connecting with 1 person.

      I exhort you to pray for the LORD to order your days and direct your steps. Always stay on the path upon which He leads you. Be attentive to your relationships. In accordance with the Will, purpose and plan of God ~ in one day with one person ~ your season/life can change!

      I send you abundant life,

  58. This man Mike Murdoc is in my point of view, a true messenger off God. He knows how to reach His people in a time where thick skulls are in abundance. The 7 Laws I would recommend not only for newly born-again Christians, but those of His sheep who have been with His flock all of their lives. The 7 Laws work, they make sense in a world that doesn’t. The Laws have helped to heal my mind and soften my heart, and bring peace to my life. If you are looking to honor anyone, honor Murdoc and “The 7 Laws”.


    • Adam ~ I fully agree with you. The 7 Laws are good, solid counsel and if applied, consistently we will indeed experience extraordinary success. While searching for the 7 Laws online, I came across another rich source by Mike Murdoch…just Google: 7 Grapes to the Gates of Blessings.

      Like the 7 Laws this is wisdom that is wonderful and true! I recently consciously applied the one of the focus principles in #1 – Gate of Obedience and the LORD immediately and mightily moved.

      Let me be clear, this is no “hocus pocus” ~ living an obedient life is essential for the faithful, fruitful Believer so I am not talking about one act of obedience. The important thing was that the Spirit unctioned me to do something that was challenging but I obeyed and WOW! Great is the LORD’s faithfulness!!!

      I am still trying to find the 7 Laws online. If you or anyone else has a link, please post a reply.

      I send you abundance,

      Shalom ~ ~ ~

    • Truly wise people are not always understood because things revealed to them can be and indeed are confusing when trying to discern through earthy carnal thinking. We seek to know God, which is the beginning of Wisdom. From there it is a constant dependence on Him for all we need. Mike is simply a vessel. f you are a Believer then you also have access to Wisdom. Afterall, she says she is available to any and all who seek her. Acknowledge Mike Murdoch’s ministry as a gift not The Gift and bless God for the gift in whatever ways your pure heart directs. He will not cast you and your gift out. Remember we’re not trying to BUY blessings. You and your money will perish. So many people have lost showing appreciation and gratitude to God and to people. There’s such a sense of entitlement in people–saint and sinner alike. Obey God and give as you are blessed continually. Freely you receive, freely you give of what you have that someone needs. If money, then money. If time, then time. If talent, then talent. You will always have more to give. I may not have $1K, but I can give what I have in love. You certainly can’t give what you don’t have. It’s a wonderful life.

    • Thank God for you Adam.

  59. Mike or Susanne could you post a link or the specific site address to where the free download is available…I have been searching all day.

    Mike thanks for you recap!!!

    Shalom ~ ~ ~

  60. I would like a copy of this book and will pay for it.
    I saw the the progrom and loved how you explain each law.

    • Hi Anna,
      I’m sorry I don’t know how to get the book. I assume if you go to INspiration, you can get it, but you might have to make a “seed” offering, and I’m not recommending that to you unless you think it out for yourself. It’s a theology that takes some wrangling with. If you do hasve money to seed, perhaps you should think of what ministries you would like to seed to. This does not exclude Mike Murdock, but think about it. There are also many many other seeds one can sow besides money…


      • There are free PDF downloads online. You don’t have to pay for anything. Just google Mike Murdock, you will get several responses, just click on his name. You will get this site and also PDF downloads.


      • I want to add that one of the choices when you type his name is The 7 Laws. That might be where the free PDF download is. If you don’t have a printer your local library probably does.


  61. I caught a little of this late last night while I was turning over in my sleep and woke up to hear but was to sleepy to listen and get up and write. I woke up this morning with it on my mind and thought I would look online to see if I could find it and here you were talking about it, I was so excitied because this is where I am in my life and these laws, principles will help me so thank you for being at the right place at the right time!!!!!

  62. Practical questions on the “7 Laws”.

  63. I am a new to the chrsitian religion i was muslim and converting i excepted the lord jesus christ as my savior and open my heart to recieve all can find of info and this site been great place to start esecialy that mike murdock is one very important reason i converted , i hold the most 3 important names in the muslim world my name is ali (prophet cousin), my father is mohamed (prophet name)and my mom fatima (prophet daughter that married ali ) .
    I found the the lord at my hardest time and lowest ever and its an amzing story some day i would like to share it, thanks .

    • Hi Ali,

      I would love to hear your story of conversion. Please share it with us.


      • Hello Ali,
        I would love to hear your testimony.You can email me. I need it because I have a muslim people around me and they need to hear your testimony. And who knows the lord can use you from the distance to convert them to become a Christians and to be saved.

        the Lord change my life for a second, so If you are intirested I can write my testimony to you.

        happy Vessie

    • I’m muslim and very proud of my religon, Islam is open to all religons and to be a good muslim one has to believe in Ibrahim, Mosses, Jesus and their teaching before believing in Mohamad ( may peace be upon him)
      now, my question to you Ali is what are you missing in islam and made you to convert??
      It must be lack of knowledge in islam, western negative propaganda and or your ignorance.
      Thank you and may God bless you and guide you to the right path.

      • keep up the jihad…many innocents still need to die.

      • What an absoutely wretched thing to say. Do you have any idea how many people have died at the hands of so-called Christians? Ever heard of The Crusades, just for starters? Not to mention the slaughter of Native Americans when they wouldn’t “convert” to Christianity. And how about all those slave ships with human beings bought, sold and murdered by God-fearing Christians who went to church every Sunday? We could go on and on with this. Suffice to say, “Let the one without sin cast the first stone.”

  64. I like your opinion but how can I get a copy of the book

    • I think the only way to get the book is by making an offering to Inspiration Ministries. I think they have a web site of their own like Inspiration Ministries. org.

    • Mike Murdocks 7 Laws are available for free on a PDF download right from your computer. Just google his name. Click on his name. There are several choices, but you want either the 7 Laws, or his name can’t remember which. Just print it out. If you don’t have a printer your local library probably does.



      • I went to Murdock’s site and tried to download the 7 laws. It’s NOT free. You MUST buy the cd’s in order to download the 7 laws. It says FREE – DON’T BELIEVE THAT

  65. never heard of Tai Chi but if u r posting things like Mike Mordoch U deserve a look see.

    • Hope you like what you see. Tai chi chuan is a martial art; kung fu, practiced slowly, with an emphasis on proper posture. It is a very mindful exercise that helps develop the entire person. It is a very spiritual pursuit. Many of my posts deal with reconciling my catholic faith with taoist philosophies. Please don’t let terms like taoism or zen turn you off. The practices are very compatible with christian faith, albeit some sticky points.

      Mike Murdoch’s 7 Laws contain a lot of wisdom. They are great food for thought.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  66. Tai Chi…and God?

  67. I also caught this late last night. I found it very intriguing. I am also a fan of tai chi which drew me to your page.

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