Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | November 27, 2009

Praying to Saint Moscati

Ok, so I prayed to Saint Moscati, him being a doctor and all, to fix my back once and for all. So, it ended up hurting all the more. That’s my anecdotal story on the power of prayer. But my evangelical christian worker and now friend says I shouldn’t test God, and I don’t know the intention of God, it’s his mysterious plan, not mine, and there’s probably a reason for me having this back pain and I just need to accept it.

His concept of acceptance is very taoist, though couched in christian terms, and I’ll couch this in christian terms too: I’ll just offer up my suffering to Christ.



  1. There was a time I scoffed at the whole idea of prayer as profoundly absurd (he was going to lay down his plan of ruin, but maybe if you ask him nicely, he’ll change his mind and give John his job back…). But I have come to see it as a high and noble form of spiritual practice – its effects being much more subtle that most realize. We transform, we humble ourselves, and as we do, the universe is also transformed.

    PS, thanks for your comment the other day – I responded!

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