Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | November 27, 2009

Black Friday and the Recession

Great Thanksgiving yesterday with my brother and his family. Even down to the foosball tournament we had!
This morning, up at 3:30am to get to work and open the shoe store for 5am for black friday. Looks like we’re gonna make the day financially, so my boss is happy and so am I.

Now to the recession and depression. We are not in a depression. We might be in a bit of a recession, but I’ll say this about that: maybe people aren’t spending as much, but, and I’m very old school conservative about this, I consider much of the stuff sold in malls crap, and people threw their money at that crap all day long. You know, if times were really hard, and you had a pair of shoes, you wouldn’t go to the mall and buy two more pairs because it was a good sale, or buy perfume and cologne, or electronics, or any number of other things. You know, for a while, I was on a Waltons kick, and among other things, it really depicts what life was like during the depression and how people survived and made due. We today don’t have a clue about real hardship and how to cope(well, I know I went through some hard times recently and let the depression era mentality kick in–you don’t buy what you don’t absolutely need). So, you know, many Americans still have money to spend, and they spent it today…

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