Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | November 23, 2009

The Higher Power

The other day, before going to work, and facing some work related adversity, I consulted the I Ching, and received the hexagram “The Caldron.” Quoting Brian Browne Walker’s version here: You serve as an example to others by sacrificing your ego and accepting the guidance of the Higher Power…Our culture encourages us to ‘take charge’ and make agressive demands on life…We are encouraged to give up the incessant demands of the ego and listen carefully to the instruction of the Sage…hold quiet and correct thoughts…concentrate on what is innocent and true.
The hexagram had a changing line which brought me to Lu, the Wanderer. We are all wanderers in the Unknown. Those who travel beside the Sage are protected from harm. Be free of arrogance and belligrence. We are all strangers in a strange land, wanderers in avast and unknowable universe, obliged to act accordingly. Settle disagreements quickly to keep them from getting out of hand. Embody caution, modesty, and generosity.

So, I don’t want to beat a dead horse by reinterpreting the above words which are clear as they are. I will just say that both concepts embodied in the passages spoke loud and clear to me…trusting and relying on the Higher Power to resolve things…and the relief that there is in fact, even in taoist thinking, a higher power to rely on, one that is intelligent, creative, etc. Second, the idea of us living in a vast unknown as wanderers is how I see the world and myself in it. There are the glimpses of the numenous and the divine, the divine spark we intuitively know to be in all things, but we also recognize the mystery of it all and act accordingly, with reverence and awe. With reverence and awe.


  1. Sounds like wu wei in action or is that non-action? 🙂

    • wu wei is action, but right action; non action is not doing things from the ego. Agree?

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