Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | November 23, 2009

Saint Joseph Moscati

Saw a program on EWTN about the life of Joseph Moscati, a doctor living in Italy in the early 20th century, and canonized in 1987. The saints are examples for us and inspirational people, and I was inspired by the life of this saint. A man born in a wealthy family, educated, and becoming a physician, he was a deeply religious man who devoted his life to the poor. But even more inspirational was his attitude, his deep sense of love and innocence and good intention for the world and individuals.

It is a revelatory attitude toward life, to step out your door and have great love for the people you are going to encounter, even those who are acting out of ignorance or with incorrect behavior. And you’re able to do this because you have a sense and an awareness of the larger picture, of the power of the unseen and unknowable.

Here’s a nice blog post on the life of Saint Joseph Moscati


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