Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | November 23, 2009

Artists of the Spiritual World

Saw a program on EWTN showing a gathering of artists in the vatican to meet with Pope Benedict XVI. The message: Artists hold a special responsibility and stewardship to interpret the invisible things of the spiritual world and make visible representations of them for the world to see. The artist creates an image, bringing to life the unseen, or as mentioned in the previous post, the Unknown. The artist participates in and is a co-creator with the spontaneous creativity of the divine, and is a source of revelation to people of things divine and numenous.

I think this is an amazing concept, notwithstanding that many artists probably do not tap into this source and are not a source of divine inspiration and revelation. But for the artist who is, man, it’s cool, to think that the images, sculptures, stories, dances, symphonies that we have preserved throughout the centuries are reflections of, images of, the Mind of God.


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