Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | November 12, 2009

Essential Body Parts in Contemplation

The dan tien, the energy center located below the belly button, a sphere, filling with energy and transforming jing into chi. A catholic might even say it is the temple area for the Holy Spirit. But for taoists, it is the energy center. With diligent practice, it becomes very palpable and full, distributing chi to the rest of your body for health and wellness, and eventually to be transformed into shen, or spirit, grace, and wisdom.

The heart–once thought of as the center of emotion, love, compassion, then turned into just an organ, but it really is a spiritual organ as well. It is the source of our love and compassion, of our fervor and emotion, of our feeling and sensing. Cultivate the heart.

The mind–it is the image, reflection, instrument of the collective mind, the universal mind, the mind of God. If we listen, God speaks to us through our minds. Thoughts are very powerful and have power. OUr conscious mind needs to be cultivated, and our unconscious mind mined or tapped into. The fact that we think is the most immense mystery of all, maybe. We think logically and we think intuitively. We must cultivate both.

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