Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | October 26, 2009

All Day Tai Chi

I’ve written before about encorporating tai chi way and mechanics in everything we do. Have you tried? Can you put on your coat the tai chi way, effortlessly, as if they coat were putting on itself? Do you open the doors, grab the handles, twist, push, pull, as if doing chin na? I love to drive my car effortlessly, realizing that my two hands, with sensitivity, can steer a two ton vehicle(I’m going to look up the mechanics of power steering after this writing). Can you “steer” an opponent the same way, effortlessly with your hands sensing where the “vehicle” is going and helping it get there. I also love to go through the automatic doors at the mall, using circular movements of my arms and hands to make it appear as if I am magically using my chi to open the doors. Done with good timing, the line blurs between illusion and reality, are the doors opening regardless, or am I opening them with the motion of my hands? The way you hold a shoe, make an espresso, dress, shower, can all be done as if it were part of a tai chi form.


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