Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | October 24, 2009

Spritual Lessons from Kempis

Getting through the reading of The Imitation of Christ–a chapter or two a day and some meditation afterwards. The beginning is a bit rough–there’s a severe thread of how misrable this life is and you gotta run away from things of the flesh and the world–vanity oh vanity, everything is vanity–stop caring about worldly things, achievements, etc, because all things must pass away, they are temporal, what profit a man–you’re gonna die anyway and what really matters is if you’re right with God(did I paraphrase that a bit too profanely?) But it’s very budhist, taoist concept too, just not with the fear and intimidation aspects of it.

Now for the good stuff: living life with an interior awareness; simplicity of intention; innocence of heart; a clean conscience–man, a clean conscience is so important–it really is. Extricating yourself from the worldly rat race–interior introspection–focusing on Christ–for me–a way–

There’s a kindness, gentleness, simplicity to the spirituality of Christ and the Holy Spirit, to the spirituality of a tai chi person and taoist–and there should be a seriousness too–a discipline and dedication to one’s practice, a reverence and awe of the nature of things, of the way, of the ineffable mystery of our life. An awareness of a presence in our lives.

Images–manifestations-microcosms–emanations–evidences of the existence of a source–of a mind of god. I can hink, I have thoughts. I have a mind–it is an image, a reflection, a manifestation, a mirror of that thing we cannot describe, that we cannot know, that is ineffable. But we experience it–in yoga, in tai chi, in adoration of the Host, in silent contemplation and meditation. Look around you and you see not just the creation, but the creator, the source, the tao.


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