Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | October 23, 2009

Wizardry and Magic

Did some light research into Kabbalah to get a rough understanding of it, and it’s basically the mysticism of everything else–God is unknowable, there is a power or source, we seek to be united to it, and so on. I think people’s misunderstanding of it is part of a folkloric practice that inundated a lot of religions in the past–a sense of secrecy instead of mystery, a sense of magic and wizardry. It’s in catholicism, it’s in daoism. That idea that there’s some secret ritual in which you can begin to control the forces of nature. There are still people who practice certain arts with that purpose in mind, but I think they just end up becoming charlatans. It’s somewhat funny to think that we catholics pull off the most amazing magic tricks of all–can you see houdini or one of these new magician stars dying on a cross and then resurrecting from the dead three days later. But come back every Sunday where we turn bread into flesh and wine into blood. Oh, I don’t mean to mock it, just making a point. The daoists wish they could really become invisible and astral travel and read minds and levitate and all that jazz. The magic and the wizardry of traditions like kabbalah, I guess, is a way of making sense of the incomprehensible. These traditions have evolved a bit, we think of them more in spiritual terms, we are in an era when we gear everything towards self development and self growth and self awareness. It’s a bit more of a mature and enlightened approach. But something tells me there’s even more to learn, a higher level of understanding–a time when the veil will come off and we’ll say, aaahhh, that’s what it was all about…


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