Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | October 20, 2009

Mike Murdoch and Inspiration Ministries

So, after Pastor Melissa Scott, Inspiration Ministries runs the same program every week of a guy named MIke Murdoch, and I’ve watched him like 20 times already, and his big thing is sowing a seed for a harvest, but of course, the way you sow the seed is by sending him $1,000 and then maybe God will start sending you thousand dollar bills.

But during the buildup, he says some things that ring true, so here are some of them worth thinking about.
–When we let go of what is in our hands, God lets go of what is in His.
–We do not decide what we are to become, we discover what we are to become. I like that even if it’s just as an exploratory exercise–if it was already set out, could you discover what it is you are to do.
–Everything created is a solution to something–we are a solution to something–what is it we are the solution to.
–Each of us has an assignment–how do you know what your assignment is–whose pain do you feel.
I think there is merit to sowing seeds of faith and sending out positive vibes. I don’t mean money, although sometimes we do that too, to friends and family in need, to charitable organizations, but even more so I think it has to do with the little everyday kindnesses and sacrifices that we can make that make a big difference. The harvest, well, it’s a spiritual harvest mostly. Now whether it becomes financial or not, well, it’s more in the spiritual realm of things I think.

But learning to let go, even if it’s gonna hurt and require some sacrifice, I think will bring a good harvest in some form or another.


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