Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | October 20, 2009

Creative Visualization and Self Discovery

I’ve done two very fruitful creatice visualizations recently that I wanted to share with you. I want to say that so far, as I’ve practiced this type of meditative practice, it has always been joyful and fruitful. While there is a desire to tap into a “collective” unconscious or wellspring, to discover something beyond my finite consciousness, so far, for me personally, it has been mostly a means to learn more about myself and glean lessons, much akin to interpreting a dream. The first time I ever did one, I think, was when Bradshaw did the inner child thing on channel 13. I also did a past life regression which was cool, and throughout the years, have created my own journeys, and I do have an inner sifu too.

The most recent two: I went back to our old basement where Dad had a workbench cabinet. That part, the beginnings of a visualization are very conscious–you set up the parameters. The you let it happen by itself and see what happens. At first, I started cutting some wood with a saw and thought I would make something, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I opened the cabinet and started searching deep inside. I was getting frustrated because I wasn’t finding anything except the old rusty tools, then a monster flew out–I wasn’t scared of it, it just flew by me. Then I found an old Italian newspaper from 1954 from when my Dad came to America and it had a whole story on him and what would happen, and it spoke of my brother and I, and the article–in the visualization–in Italian–said that I would become a “maestro,” or teacher of the martial arts and a contemplative. So, an affirming visualization.

The second one involved me being at a diner at a big table, that was the parameter–and then I waited to see who showed up, and it was wonderful. In no time, I was surrounded by friends and family and we had a great time.

So, have fun with these ideas. Create your own visualizations and see what you can get from them.


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