Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | October 3, 2009

Tai Chi Lessons

Center; root; flow; transform; connect stick; adhere follow; posture; yin/yang; empty/full; inner strength; softness; gentle; innocence; authenticity; honor; dignity; martial technique; gong fu; bravery and valor; heroism; unconditional love; compassion; holiness; nature; alchemy; thought; mind intent; jing, chi, shen; transition; adapt; spontaneity; good character/virtue; quiet; silent; arc, circle, spiral; trace the tai chi symbol; open/close; dan tien; ming men; joy; follow the way; interior channels of chi; know your body; know your mind; know your spirit; awareness; consciousness; understanding; contemplation; meditation; sit in silence; sensitivity; listening power; listen; be vigilant; right action; respect; watchfulness; acceptance; learning from adversity; freedom; extricate onself from the worldly matrix; positive vibration, positive energy; wuji, the void, the origin; wei chi, protective chi; wu wei, the art of non doing; understand wu wei and its true meaning; change; stillness; movement; the 5 elements and their relationship to one another; the i ching; …


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