Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | September 26, 2009

The ineffable experience of tai chi

Tai chi chuan kung fu is so full and complex, that as we explore different aspects, like the martial components, we lose sight of some of the other things. Someone who is exploring the chi development or the health aspects may lose sight of the martial context, and so on. But one of the things I always love returning to is the experience of the ineffable, the experience of something divine, those moments, when in motion, you have a sense that you understand everything, that you have been given a revelation. What is the meaning of life? It’s right here in this movement, in this circle, this arc, this spiral. It’s hard to put this into words, and I can’t rectify it this time by making a video. What would I show you, except the move. You need to do the form yourself, to experience it yourself. So many truths apparent. Tai chi allows you to be silent because nothing need be said. It’s all there, hidden in brush knee twist step, in cloud hands, in grasp the tail, in high pat the horse, in all of the 108 moves. The spontaneity, the creativity, the waves, the flow, the circular, the yin and yang of the postures. In time, it holds the promise of appearing supernatural because it is so beyond what we are used to seeing. We are used to seeing mediocrity and low achievement. But I believe it is well within the realm of possibilty to have a tai chi achievement, where one’s existence is so graceful–isn’t that wonderful, to be full of grace–so smooth, so in harmony, that we appear to do the impossible, to be seated in silence one instant, then flying the next. I believe it’s possible, the astral projection, the esp, the tapping into a universal consciousness, the remote viewing, the flying through the air. We just haven’t gotten there yet.


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