Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | September 26, 2009

Bound by Satan; Freed in Faith

Got to watch Pastor Melissa Scott the other night. I still love her, the image of a strong, intelligent woman preaching the faith, not in a holy roller style, but as an intellectual–and I don’t give a hoot about her possible past or if she’s a fake. She was speaking of the bondage and alienation we experience as human beings within the Christian context, the context of being bound by Satan and freeing ourselves, facing up to the giants in our lives, by asking for it, claiming it, in faith in Christ. So, change the words, change the matrix, and it still holds true. There is something about life that we experience that alienates us, that allows us to be trapped, or we trap ourselves in bondage, in sin, in a way of life that sucks the soul energy right out of you. And our work, our personal work and our work reaching out to the world, is to free ourselves from this bondage so that we may more fully become human, experience the holiness, sacredness, and joy of being human instead of toiling and suffering and worrying all the time. Of course, life will have it’s dificulties and it’s sufferings. I think we can all deal with the natural difficulties. It’s the jerkoffs in the world that make life even more difficult, from the roving hordes who trapsed the countryside invading your peaceful village to the modern day idiots who control our way of life in a modern society.
With blinders on , it’s easy to get caught in the trap. It takes hard work, discipline, and vigilance spiritually to become aware enough to avoid the pitfalls. Extricating ourself from this matrix is of utmost importance if you want to move beyond the mundane and begin evolving into the human being you have the potential to be.
I suppose the good news is that a lot of this work has to do with changing yourself rather than the world around you! What are your habits, your “sins,” the things that keep you tied up? What are the changes in your life that you can make that will make your world a better place?

Recognition of a Universal Mind of God. Awareness of the numenous, divine, sacred, spiritual and holy. Understanding that the true, authentic self is the self related to the above, not to things of masks and personae and acting out and selfishness and greed and anger and hurtfulness.

In the catholic conterxt, we believe in the holy spirit that lives among us, that inspires us, that reveals itself to us. In the taoist context, we believe in the tao, the natural way of things, the coming and going, the life force present in everything. Others believe in the Universal Mind of God, a thought consciousness that we share or are. We think as god thinks as we are that thing we call god.

So, sit in silence, whether in zazen, tai chi meditation, centering prayer of the catholics, whatever, and experience it, the freedom, the sacred, the authentic. Then live your life accordingly.



  1. Great post Mike and you are right. It doesn’t matter what we call “IT”. Namaste’

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