Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | September 18, 2009

What Happens to Morons, Mean People, and Wise A’s?

My Tai Chi abandoned me yesterday at the hands of a formidable customer loaded for bear. Returning a shoe she wanted shipped overnight, she wanted the shipping fee returned too. Because it wasn’t told to her there would be a fee, she was somewhat right, but there was also a note that said she would be willing to pay if there was a shipping fee(the worker didn’t know at the time). I tried accomodating her, but she was out for blood, screaming and yelling, attacking me, asking for my name with the ultimate retail threat of “I’m gonna tell on you.”

So what’s the point of the story? I collapsed. I jjst gave her her money back, but even more so, she upset me and ruined the rest of my day and part of today. And even though she might have been in the right, I also believe she was a getover specialist, probably using the shoe for the event she needed it for, and figuring she could bring it back, and she used attitude to do it. I sent her much negative energy when she left the store.

So, I realize one of the reasons the tai chi didn’t work is because I wasn’t fully operating in tai chi mode but in retail corporation mode. There’s no place on the order form to show there would be a shipping fee for overnight so we were screwed. But, I wasn’t allowed to be fully tai chi about it. What I didn’t like about the situation is that I didn’t yield in the tai chi sense, but allowed this woman to walk all over me, and that certainly is not the tai chi way. That way just gets you killed on the battlefield. The good news is, I’m better prepared for the next time and myself and the crew are now aware of the non refundable shipping fee for overnight delivery. But, it’s difficult to serve two masters.

The good news is also that I have the day off today, and being a natural introvert(I was explaining to a friend of mine that while I enjoy going to his annual hallowen party, it’s work for me). looked forward to and am enjoying a day of doing laundry and working on my computer.

I want to be a positive person. I want to give out positive energy. In the end, I know the morons, meanies, and wise asses in the world are not important enough to spend any time obsessing over. And it mae me think, what happens to these people in the end? In Catholic theology, it’s clear that the way is difficult and many are invited but few will enter. What happens from the taoist perspective to jerk offs? It can’t be good. Being a moron has got to have negative consequences.

I like the image of ourselves as sort of in school, learning the lessons, and graduating up to different dimensions as we go. This life is kind of like grammar school where we try to get the basics. We move on to high school, college, graduate school, and eventually get the Phd. We are developing, evolving, growing, and perfecting ourselves. The adversities and difficulties are part of the training. I suppose the good times and the joys are also. I’m just trying to stay focused and keep the job in perspective because it takes up an inordinate amount of time and it takes a lot of work to not allow it to run my tai chi soul over like a freight train.

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