Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | September 18, 2009

The Pit

The last person to learn the wu style tai chi form from me is my friend Michele, who is now in Vegas with her husband. The first lesson was in the doorway of the post office one night. We then graduated to what Michele dubbed “the pit,” a parking lot owned ny NJ transit. There’s never any cars parked there, and it sits behind the train station parking lot, so it was a little secluded and offered us a bit of privacy to practice without being gawked at.

So, today is a beautiful September day, and after laundry, I went to the pit and did a round of wu style tai chi, slowly, peacefully. It felt good. I so need to practice every day. I miss Michele. I met up with another long time student last night, my friend Phil, and we were gonna do some push hands after dinner, but I was pooped. But since Phil is the only one around to do push hands with, I need to work out more time for it because it really is important. I’ve been hacking around at work with my aikido cohort, but, it will talke some time to teach the two handed push hands, and I’m not sure I should try without having taught her the form itself. But she is progressing serously with her aikido, and the two styles should be compatible enough for us to get some fruitful practice done.


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