Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | September 18, 2009

Ruby Reds Vitamin Supplement from New Vitality

So, I’ve heard the commercial over and over on the radio, liked it, but never acted on it. But the other night, after another grueling day at work–mostly grueling because of the long hours–the commercial came on and I realized the truth was I hadn’t been able to go food shopping in several weeks and hadn’t eaten an actual piece of fruit in about 4 weeks. Not good. So, I ordered the ruby reds, a powdered supplement that is supposed to give me the equivalent of 20 pounds of fruits and vegetables, along with enzymes and fiber and probiotics in one glass. I’ve had three servings so far.

So far? Eh. I do have a little burst of energy after a drink. We’ll see if it has some longer term effect. I’ll keep you posted. I’m still taking about 500 to 750 mg’s of vitamin D, and would like to be taking 1,000 at least. Also taking coQenzyme 10. The only thing I would consider adding to the supplement regimen right now is an omega 3.

It would be a lot better to do this with food. This may be the next best thing. But I see myself as a bit of an experiment in this regard at least. I really do think we have to find another way for health and healing as part of our development as human beings.



  1. So, how did the Ruby Reds go.

    • Actually, it was ok but I discontinued it. My supplement regimen has been vitamin D, co-q 10, ubiquinol, and I want to add an omega 3. The Ruby Red was ok, but financially, i kinda had to make a choice.

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