Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | September 18, 2009

Lower Back Pain

My lower back has been bothering me since at least February. I’ve been able to fix it most of the time, but it has sort of become chronic. I’ve used massage, posture stretches from yoga(on the floor, legs up on the sofa), hot water showers, heat pads–the heat pads work best so far, and internal movement, trying to use the micro muscles deep inside my back. It has been an interesting experiment in trying to learn my body and sense what is going on inside, and find the source of the pain. I’ve also used a yoga mudra, but that has been somewhat ineffectual, at least in the short term.I also believe the back pain, as with everything in our lives, is related to mental and emotional causes, but that has been harder for me to resolve I guess.

I’m somewhat embarrassed at being a tai chi practitioner and having lower back pain. After all, isn’t tai chi supposed to heal things like that. But I want to be open and humble about it, so. I will say that my lower back does get stretched out after a round of tai chi, but I still have the chronic pain, and, I’ve been unable to do some of the kicks and low postures to their fullest becuase my back muscles must be so tight.

So, I’ll keep working at it, and am open to suggestions.



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  2. Hanging upside down on an INVERSION TABLE is tremendously useful for me. I was born with an upside down spur in my lower back. Second lumbar turns the oppisite direction then squeezes the siactic nerve into the lower lumbar bone, and has casued many, many difficulties, now very nill. Now I walk and hike, climb, do whatever I like to do. And I am 72 years old.

  3. I’m wedded to those keys, but I’ll give it a try. I also have a ring on my finger. I’ve had some success with a suggestion from a friend putting a tennis ball on the floor and lying on it, rolling it into my muscle. And although I don’t feel 100%, it really seemed to get deep into the muscle and relax it a bit. Maybe I hust need a good massage…

  4. On the three bows video that you posted three posts back, you appear to have some keys hanging from your belt. Try doing Tai Chi without these keys on you. Remove any other metal too. Try about two weeks or so of only metal-free Tai Chi, and see if that makes a difference.

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