Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | September 6, 2009

The Zen of Selling Shoes

My co-worker, the aikido practitioner, wants to co write a book on the sen of shoes. There is a zen quality to it, but really, not. It’s applying, if it can be applied, the zen to anything we do. Selling shoes with compassion, joy, kindness. Having a shoe to sell that is made with quality. Not trying to bamboozle the customer. If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it. There is a zen harmony when a woman finds a shoe that fits her feet perfectly. I don’t know how many of my women readers have problems with their feet or find it impossible to find a good pair of shoes that fit and feel right. I’ve met many women who have real problems with it. But when it goes on just right, it’s almost magical.

As an aside, footwear in tai chi is an important consideration. A lot of people love to go out and buy the black chinese shoes because it’s part of the look. I personally never liked them. A shoe without much nonsense on the sole is important, especially in wu style because of all the twisting into the ground. A super sneaker will catch you up, and your knee will go but your foot won’t twist. A good pair of tennis shoes will do it. I’ve done a lot of tai chi in a pair of nikes, but my favorite is a good pair of converse all stars!

The shoe is your connection to the earth. It’s what you walk in. The shoe makes the man…Ha!


  1. All the shoes are Zen it’s your perception of what is zen’est.

  2. which shoe is the most zen? The Dragar? Simple, useful, comfortable, pretty well made…It was pretty zen today: chaos and order revolving around each other! Ha!

  3. I think converse may be the secret to most Zen activities.

    But like I have said before. I think the zen of shoes goes beyond shoes and their zen like quality.

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