Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | September 6, 2009

Character is the Ingredient that makes a Champion

Watching old films of Muhammad Ali–Cus Damato, his trainer, predicted he would be champion of the world because he was a man of character. The tai chi knights were people of character. When they won fights, it was because they were people of moral uprightness. This is the secret ingredient to make your tai chi chuan special. How can you be an asshole and have good gong fu? It can’t be. It doesn’t work. You may be agressive, you may be dangerous, you may be strong, you may have skills, but in the end you will lose because you will lead yourself to defeat.

I’ve spoken of these character traits many times in the past: authenticity, integrity, honor, honesty, love, compassion, humility, selflessness, stewardship, kindness, gentleness, innocence, purity, sacredness. So many weapons in the arsenal. How can you be defeated with them? Centered in these truths, the enemy cannot enter.


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