Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 30, 2009

The Power of Mind Intent

I was listening recently to a radio program called Coast to Coast AM with Goerge Noory, an overnight broadcast that deals with the extra ordinary, and does a great job of exploring the unusual. And it’s very entertaining. If you’re not sleeping at night, see if you can catch it.

The show I heard was an interview with a Stephen Schwartz, and they were discussing the power of mind intent, and it’s a subject that has been a part of my contemplative practice for a while.

It is very clear to me, from an intuitive sense, that the power of intention is real. I have not perfected it, nor proven it, but there is enough anecdotal proof and intuitively, I believe it can be developed.

The first and perhaps best way it can be used is by mentaly projecting good will and positive “vibrations” out into the world. I believe thought is real, concrete, and can be projected. How it’s done is simple–through focused concentration, disciplined meditation, and clear intent to clearly send out the signals, as it were. There is no doubt in my mind that the positive vibes of the monastic communities of all religions throughout the ages have been responsible for keeping the world from spinning out of control(a bit of hyperbole there). But I think it is very important that the mind intent of good people is important to counterbalance all the negative emotions and thoughts that flood, as Schwartz would say, the cosmic internet.

The power of mind intent can also be used for positive development of the self–clearly focusing and communicating to yourself who you are, what you want to become, what you want to achieve. This visualization and intent does work, if at it’s most basic, to help you focus your energy, at most, to tap into a cosmic power that can propel you where you want to go.

We are in the very beginning stages of understanding the power that is natural to human beings, and I believe in years to come we will look back and be amazed at how our generations lived without tapping into our natural psychic and mental abilities. Things like mind intent, remote viewing, astral projection, esp, are all in their infancy, are currently considered by many to be flights of fancy, but I think are certainly in the realm of possibility. The issue here is, something of this magnitude takes an awful lot of hard work, like learning tai chi, or learning to play the piano, it can’t be done on the weekends. It takes dedication and discipline. Stories of the sot abound among the taoist practitioners, and among the catholic saints, and I am sure, in many other traditions. Are they exaggerated stories, or real glimpses at what is possible?

I want to add that I have failed in a number of attempts to see actual results from my intentions, but do not think this should deter me or others from pursuing it. Sometimes, it may not manifest in a way we would recognize or in our lifetime. But if honed, don’t you also think it’s possible to project peace, harmony, and healing to others?

I will also say, without getting too weird, that I believe there are both positive and negative energies that can be tapped into, and it’s very important to stay far far away from any negativity as it can be very dangerous. Whatever “evil” is, we are too inexperienced to go anywhere near it. Meditation practice should always be grounded in and shielded with concepts of love, peace, god, etc.

Finally, I want to mention that in the tai chi literature, in the classics, it is constantly mentioned that tai chi makes use not of physical force but of mind intent. The best explanations of this, however, tend to go into how proper posture and use of physics dynamics make this happen. While the terms “chi” get good play, most people who believe in it leave it in the amorphous realm of mystery, while others poopoo it altogether.

My feeling is that there is a higher level to tai chi that perhaps 99.9% of practitioners never reach, never have an experience of, and that is that mind intent can in fact be a major factor in self defense. Again, despite the centuries of tai chi being in exiestence, I don’t think too many people have been able to develop this. It is still in its infancy. Many, including myself have had glimpses of it, but it’s like a flash in the pan and you are not quite sure what to do with it. But it is the thing that makes tai chi tai chi. Everything else, from the grandmasters on down, as awesome as they are, is just an imitation of the real thing.


  1. Great post! In ancient times we were very adept at using thoughts and energy in a truly productive and ordinary way. Lots of things happened at different times in history to gum up the works such as the Inquisitions, and much later the Industrial Age. We lost our God given gifts as a collective and are now beginning to remember them. How exciting is that?! Keeping the intention pure and letting go of results is always a challenge but well worth the effort.

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