Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 30, 2009

Remote Viewing and Astral Travel

I so want to be able to do this! Can I? Not yet. Do I like playing with it, even if it’s more of a mental, psychological exercise? You bet. At the least, it is fodder for self understanding, evaluation, and interpretation, just as we would interpret our dreams.

When you close your eyes in meditation, can you look out into the darkness? Do you know what I mean? If you just stare into the “space” that is ahead of you with your eyes closed. It seems infinite. Go for the ride; let yourself travel into this space, and see what’s there. I usually just perceive shadows, and sometimes shapes and faces, landscapes. Nothing very detailed, more like seeing images in the clouds. But it’s fun and enlightening.

And if I do get this astral traveling thing down, don’t be surprised to feel a tap on the shoulder! Ha!



  1. Good luck on your Astral Travels. Finding the right technique may take time, but once you find it, a whole new world will open up to you. Seek a teacher and you will find the process is quite easy.


    • Hello, Yvette, thanks for the encouragement. Checked out your sight; you have an amazing life. So abundant. Keep going!



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