Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 23, 2009

Thoughts for a Day Off

Just some things going on…An acquaintance is joining up with the Franciscans this week and I envy his new found freedom–an embrace of a way of life that is different from the way we are told we have to live.

I’ve been catching episodes of a show called Survivorman, where this guy goes into very inhospitable areas of tyhe world and survives for a week. It’s cool because he’s somewhat knowledgable about what plants and trees and fish and animals are edible, are poisonous; he knows how to make a fire–really important–so it;s very interesting to watch a man make it, even if he does have to ingest the occasional insect or worm. I didn’t know coconuts were so full of nutrients!

My team at work is coalescing, so that’s good, but it takes constant attention and vigilance. A team can fall apart at a moment’s notice; the wheels can fall off. Being vigilant, directing things in the right way, being prepared and knowledgable helps to adapt to changing circumstances and keep the team on course.

I may have missed the boat on cash for clunkers…damn it. But I wasn’t ready to quite give up on the contour!

I have a week coming up of inventory and purge. Independents are coming in to count every item in the store. There’s a lot of prep involved. Right after, I have a week to “purge” a list of about 1,000 shoes from the store to make way for new shoes. It’s a monster task but I’m not letting myself be intimidated by it.

Make your own philosophical connection to the terms inventory and purge. It can be a very fruitful exercise to do this in your life.

My boss, my shoe guru has been very supportive and affirming. She’s watching my development–she’s happy with my ways. Feels good to be appreciated by your boss…

The funk has somewhat lifted. And as long as I’m with this company, I now have life insurance, so if I were to kick it any time soon, at least I can be put away in style!

Jimmy Swaggert was on this morning–I haven’t seen him in ages–I used to love watching him even if I didn’t buy into all he was saying–but man could he do the speaking in tongues thing! This morning’s topic: “Hell is No Joke.” You’re telling me. Open up your eyes, people!


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