Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 23, 2009

Tai Chi Practice Everywhere

So while my tai chi practice has gone to the dogs and I have been very undisciplined about it since being back to work, I will give myself this–there is a realization that no matter what you are doing, it is an opportunity to practice tai chi, or the tai chi way. It doesn’t mean you’re constantly doing the forms per se, but you are living your life according to the way, plugged in to the tao like a cell phone plugged in to its charger, and the tai chi informs your every action, every word. This might seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be if you embrace the concept of wei wu wei–it becomes non doing. When you open a door, when you grab a shoe off the top shelf with a stick, when you ring up a customer, in every human interaction.

It’s interesting because I’ve practiced the catholic way for so long that it has truly become wei wu wei–I am patient and loving naturally. It doesn’t take effort. The same should be true for tai chi.

So, excuses begone as what’s his name says, I should be practicing my forms and my standing and the whole nine yards. But in its absence, I just have to be tai chi in every minute.

Encorporating the circles, arcs and spirals into the non physical side of our lives does take practice. Do you understand what I mean? In the daily human interaction, bringing the huffy, aggressive customer into the circle and voiding out their agression; taking the barrage of duties and responsibilities of managing a store and smoothing it out and encorporating it into the flow of the daily tao; making people feel good about themselves instead of bringing them down; allaying people’s fears with courage and confidence; being a source of strength for others to take up the way.

Tai chi can and should be practiced everywhere all the time.


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