Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 23, 2009


I’ve always loved to daydream, going back to being a little kid sitting in my desk at school, at work with my dad in the clothing factory overlooking buildings in New York–I sat for hours while imaginary armymen made their way up and down the fire escapes and onto the rooftops!

Current daydreams: what to do with my megamillion lottery win…Ha!
Being an undercover operative in a shoe store in a mall conducting surveillence and ready to jump into action to save everyone from captors and terrorists.
Being recruited by a spiritual group of taoist monks to protect a hidden source of energy in the mountains somewhere, chosen for my tai chi skill, contemplative ways, and, being single, I have no ties to the world.
My hot, young, blonde spirit guide comes to get me and train me for some upcoming spiritual war and of course we fall in love…push hands has never been better…

Of course, these are for fun, but visualization and guided meditation can be a source of development and knowledge, so I encourage you to create scenarios for yourself and follow where they lead–some I’ve done: meeting and working with my inner sifu, visiting the library and finding the file on me and seeing what was inside, visualizing various martial circumstances, visiting imaginary monasteries, visualizing tai chi… It becomes daydreaming with a purpose.


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