Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 18, 2009

The Iron Empress

There’s a show I occasionally catch on TV called the Iron Empress, in Chinese. I don’t know Chinese, but you can get the geneal idea–actually, there are subtitles. It depicts a world of factions, fighting, loyalty of some warriors to the death for one side, and counselors and warriors shaking in their boots, forced loyalty under pain of death and suffering. The fear is fierce and they live in a world that is so unfree, so controlled, so horrible. Well, in our world, we are not threatened with torture and death if we don’t comply, but so many corporations run their business with other threats and controls and manipulations. It sometimes amounts to the same thing.
I don’t like ruling or managing with fear and intimidation. I don’t like being ruled or managed with fear and intimidation. Life is so much, or can be so much simpler and filled with so much more joy and happiness. Enough is enough with the Machiavellian thing already. Stop trying to protect your greedy interests.

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