Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 12, 2009

Non Tai Chi Behavior

It’s fascinating to watch, though not so much fun to be in the middle of, non tai chi behavior. People can be short tempered, angry, bull headed, take offense, not let it go, and make mountains out of mole hills, and thrive on the “drama.” I personally can’t stand it. And it’s sometimes not enough to meet this yang energy with yin. Sometimes you have to stamp it out before it turns into a raging fire, which is what I’ll probably have to do tomorrow(My favorite joke saying is always put off until tomorrow what you don’t want to do today). But some time to mull it over will be good for me to formulate what I want to say so that it doewsn’t add fuel to the fire.

What is it born of? Immaturity. Foolishness. Pride. Disappointment. Anger. In tai chi, we learn how to dissipate the anger, the negative energy. How many underlings bitch and gossip about the dalai lama? Is it in every corner of the world? Are there schemers and underminers and people who have no wisdom to control their emotions? Is it born out of pain and hurt?

And I wonder if tai chi can teach this to someone or if it just goes together with the person who is predisposed to doing things the tai chi way? I don’t know the answer. In my experience in both taking tai chi classes and teaching them, I’ve seen people come and go. The very yang, the very a type personality didn’t stay long in either setting.

It’s interesting to study people’s behavior and, in a positive way, be the person in charge who has to “manage” it.


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