Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 3, 2009

Love God

In the christian context, what does it mean to love God, if God is ineffable, how do we do it? God has revealed himself to us, through Christ, through the scriptures, we have a vague understanding if God through metaphor. Jesus describes him to us as a father, and that is how we approach him. If we accept the mystery that we are created in the image and likeness of God, and if we explore our own capacity to love, to higher love, to caritas, then we can proceed on the path of loving God. If we love, then we are de facto loving God. We are doing what he created us for, and out of. Created out of love, we love. The undeveloped man is prone to give in to innate feelings of hate and war and greed. But as we develop, we awaken the innate qualities of love, peace, and giving.

Even in a taoist context, it is the qualities innate in humans that come with self development–love, compassion, humility, honor, integrity. These things go along the path of the way, make us special, bring us to spiritual fruition. These are inherent truths. In loved and compassion, the tao no longer becomes ineffable. I recognize myself to be part of the process, the process itself, and so do what is natural to me.


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