Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | July 30, 2009

The Magnet Microcosm

So, back to the idea of magnets, magnetism, and magnetic fields. My scientific understanding of these things is poor, but basically, I think it’s a microcosmic example of how things work. Normally, I guess, electrons are just randomly and chaotically set up, but when you induce them to all start going in the same direction, they develop a magnetic force that can either attract or repulse other objects. Something similar, in theory, is possible in tai chi chuan. Theoretically, in the circular, rhythmic motions, I believe it’s possible to get everything moving in the same direction, to create and strenghten an internal and external energy field, that works much like a magnet does. I say theoretical because I really do believe, intuitively, that it is possible, there is some kind of energy field created when we do tai chi, but I have not, as of yet, become a human magnet!

I think it’s also a microcosm of people and social interaction. When a person is “magnetic, they can get the rest of the elctrons moving in the same direction. This can be true of a dictator, or it can be true of a dalai lama or ghandi.

There are times when, in standing posture, there is a sense that my dan tien is so full, that I can actually bend space and time(I suppose according to einstein I already am because I have mass, but it’s negligible) I believe intuitively, someday, some daoist master will come down the mountain and be able to do it not so negligibly.

It is also a metaphor for how you conduct your life. What kind of energy and force are you putting out there?


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