Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | July 29, 2009

Pride of a Contemplative

In a quiet moment before the storm of a busy day at work, I found myself grousing about being a tai chi master(I’m no master, I don’t have that illusion really) who’s good at what he does, is a good teacher, forced to work in a shoe store in a mall[three buddhist monks just walked into starbucks!!!!!!!!!!! as I write this. HA!HA!HA! Seriously. No, actually, there is a buddhist meditation place around here and I guess they’re out to enjoy a frappuccino. So cool. The universe is good. I don’t think they speak much english. I’ll see if we engage…I always get a kick out of being in the presence of such people–it’s why I made sure I waited on the nun yesterday} ok, so, and I was being real prideful about it, thinking how much it sucked, and that this was beneath me. But I caught myself quickly and took a dose of humility. Making a living is never beneath anyone, and I should have enough tools at my disposal to make most anything a good experience, to bring some holiness and spirituality to the place. Maybe there’s a reason the place is called Easy Spirit–this is the last and first time I’ll mention the place cause I don’t want corporate police tracking down the blog.


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