Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | July 14, 2009

Zen and Mindfulness; The World and Mindlessness

Reading up on the life of Nichiren and Nichiren buddhism(nam myoho renge kyo: the universal law of cause and effect) and zen buddhism, I am reminded–ha!–to be mindful. Mindful, present, opening a door, walking through a mall, writing in my blog, always mindful, always aware, always present. Aching to sit in silence, chan sitting, zen sitting, zazen. Aching to do my tai chi, moving zen. (although I love the martial aspects of tai chi, I sometimes want to yell, stop worrying about the martial aspects of tai chi and do tai chi. On the other hand, I don’t like tai chi devoid of its martial meaning).

The world is encouraged to be mindless. Not no mind, or wu-wei, but mindless like an idiot or moron. Become aware. Experience yourself in the moment. It’s so beautiful.

I want to sit and contemplate the mystical of catholicism, of tai chi and taoism, of buddhism and zen. In the rotation of the arm, the waving of the hand, I look at my palm and understand. This is it. This is where it’s at. Can I explain this to you? You have to experience it yourself.



  1. I think Zen can be contrasted with the modern culture of presumption. You might enjoy the short Zen tale I just posted at

  2. I get the gist of what you mean. It’s a good reminder — one we each need to be “mindful” of. 🙂

    • Hey Trey, always good to hear from you

  3. Mindless like an idiot because (distracted) idiots are remarkably malleable.

    • it’s an amazing method of behavioral control–sometmes good–sometimes behavior needs controlling, but often it’s insidious and wrong.

  4. It is said without FULL mindfulness of the whole of Tai CHi …you are not DOing Tai Chi…

    • and from a zen perspective, you don’t really want to do tai chi but be tai chi, be balanced, in harmony, but being present in the moment, being aware, is so important.

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