Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | July 6, 2009

Lilou Mace and the Law of Attraction

Four months or so ago when I lost my job, I leapt on the opportunity to start a youtube channel and a blog for things related to tai chi and philosophy. In my initial surfing, I came across this young woman, Lilou Mace on youtube, speaking about the Law of Attraction, that you can manifest good things in your life, that you are, in her words, a “co-creator” of your life and your world. She is always very upbeat and positive, and has created something called the 100 day challenge in which you clearly set a goal and then make it happen, tapping into the vast resources available to us from the universe. A lot of the things I’ve been reading about buddhism are similar. Anyone who has seen Wayne Dyer on channel 13 gets the idea. In taoism, it’s a little bleaker in that there’s more acceptance of the comings and goings of things. You accept the changes and act within that context.

I’m writing about Lilou today because she posted a video recently that was a bit sad. She’s experiencing some financial hardship, and she seems a bit lonely. She explains this in her video. It’s tough and it’s funny that she and I are mirroring our experiences a bit. She’s recently self published a book called “I Lost My Job and I Liked It.” When I lost my job, I immediately went to work on trying to write a book(still to come) and maybe get a website offering tai chi lessons(close to happening).

But what is most interesting, philosophically here, is that it seems as if Lilou has fallen a bit into the trap I fell into of still thinking that there is a quid pro quo, or contractual agreement between us and the universe, or us and God, or us and the ineffable.

When I opened my tai chi studio in 2004, I felt very strongly that it would succeed. I had a business plan, the overhead was low, and I was offering something unique in the community, and of value and quality to the development of people. It was successful on a person to person level, but it was not financially successful. I had to close it after 2 years, and I was disapointed in the “tao” and the universe. I thought for sure that tritely if I built it they would come. I dreamed of a beautiful community that would grow, centered around tai chi, meditation, and finding the truths of the universe. But I had to accept that it was the way it was, and that there was no contractual obligation. I had tried to manifest it, to co-create it, to visualize it. But it didn’t happen. We have to be willing to live in this world of change, of influence, of cause and effect.

I want Lilou to persevere, to remain strong, to have courage. I know what it’s like to be broke, to be in debt, to not know if you’ll eat on a particular evening. I know what it’s like to experience the loneliness that can creep in when we choose to walk this spiritual path. But it is so worth it. I am working now to make money, to get a little ahead of the ball game. I have been experimenting with buddhist chant of the lotus sutra, nam myoho renge kyo, and I try to be a source of gentleness, kindness, humility, and goodness and love for those around me. So hang in there Lilou. There is a deep mystery to our life.



  1. Thanks for your amazing support. Something amazing came out of all this… i have now my heart open…it is really amazing and i am so thanksful to now be in the truth…
    check our my latest video:

    with love
    Lilou Mace

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