Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | July 6, 2009

In the Center of Chaos and Order

In the center of the circle, I look out onto the chaos and begin to see order in it, and in the order, I see chaos. But more so the first. There is so much out there, affecting us, pushing and pulling, and it is beyond complexity. But in the center, we gain the perspective and begin to see the order. When you shuffle a deck of cards, they end up in random order. But as you work it, as in a game of solitaire(it’s why I love solitaire so much), it begins to take shape, things tend to naturally fall into place, and within the context of the game, you can eventually get the cards in order by suit and number(ok, sometimes you cheat), but it’s the perect metaphor, the perfect microcosm, except that maybe you’re dealing(no pun intended) with a finite set of cards. Is our world finite or infinite? Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so perhaps it’s finite, mind bogglinh, but finite.

Finding the right context, finding the right way of doing things, trying to reign in the chaos, getting the cards to fit. It’s the journey of the spiritual path. And being a force for good vibration and social interaction.
The mind. The key. Our consciousness is the mirror, the reflection of the ineffable. Tai chi. The Way to tap into the wellspring. Chanting. The Way to tap into the wellspring. Prayer. The Way to tap into the wellspring.

It’s easier to learn the lessons when things are going well. It’s harder to learn the lessons when things are not going well. But after some practice and experience, it gets a little easier.

I have been chanting for courage at work, for health, for financial independence. The way forward is in me. I just need to tap into it. Turn on the switch and let it flow.



  1. I think it’s so cool that you have this opportunity to change the energy of the mall you work in!

    ” I have been experimenting with buddhist chant of the lotus sutra, nam myoho renge kyo, and I try to be a source of gentleness, kindness, humility, and goodness and love for those around me. So hang in there Lilou. There is a deep mystery to our life.” By staying focused on light and love, you will automatically effect all of those around you whether they know it or not. Like a big fairy sprinkling pixie dust. How fun!

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