Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | July 4, 2009

The Mall as Microcosm of the Human Condition

Maybe it’s just me. But I am Dumbfounded by the mass of humanity that trapses through our American malls like automotons, sheep, beseiged with advertising and propoganda, and I wonder how anyone can think when their senses are being assaulted non-stop by, can I say it any other way, crap shit garbage. So much of what is offered is such useless, poor quality, fake, rip off junk and people eat it up like their money is burning a hole in their pocket. Not to mention the food court. Take a walk around the boulevard and it’s such bad stuff, poor food, poor quality, poor nutrition. But nobody can do anything because they’re so brainwashed by everything around them except scoff it down. Our health! Holy God in heaven, it’s such a wack microcosm of the human condition.

And don’t think big corporations don’t know what they are doing. They are all about “educating” the consumer about what they really want because they know we are sheep and they know we don’t know what we want and they play upon our greed for a bargain and get us to part with our money when we shouldn’t have parted with any of it in the first place. It’s always trying to upsell you; for a few cents more you can have the grande, this bag would go great with those shoes, do you want to supersize, and on and on and on.

And people’s behavior, from the young to the old. The young putting on this cool, bad boy attitude all the time, older people will run you over if they could. People have forgotten how to act. Being in a mall gives everyone license to be rude, nasty, get mine first and damn everybody else.

Oh, there are some very nice people who find themselves swept up into this vortex. But the masses are on a path of being brainless and having their souls sucked dry. How many of the people in a mall ever think about the mysteries of life, about the laws of the universe, about the tao, about creation, about developing the mind and spirit? I don’t know. It’s sad. But I’ll be going tomorrow to play my part in it all. I’ll be nice to the ladies that come in looking for a comfortable pair of shoes, I’ll try to get them to buy a handbag or some stain guard, and I’ll keep wondering to myself why, if your external environment is a mirror of the quality of your inner you, why indeed have I ended up managing a shoe store at this point in time in my life! Ha! That’s one for a few days of contemplation!



  1. “How many of the people in a mall ever think about the mysteries of life, about the laws of the universe, about the tao, about creation, about developing the mind and spirit?”

    Just about all of them are capable of such thoughts. Most of them just need some prompting. Long long ago as a feshman in college I got in a discussion with a cafeteria worker that got into some pretty deep water. I don’t remember what, in particular, we were discussing, but I do remember thinking that this guy was the last sort of fellow you’d expect to see getting philosophical. His knowledge wasn’t deep and as a thinker he’d had no practice, but he got genuinely enthusiastic about whatever deep question it was we were exploring. Most people, I’ve learned, are like this.

    As a shoe salesman, you are in a position to see that people are properly grounded. Hmm…

    • Yes, and the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step–in a pair of good shoes! I spent the day with a 17 year old co-worker, and I too tried to elicit some philosophical conversation. It was good. I believe wherever I am, there’s an energy I can spread around, and yes, even look a little deeper to recofnize it in others. But I still think the situation is a bit dire…

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