Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | July 3, 2009

Steven Seagal: Killswitch

I didn’t have to work today so I stayed up til four in the morning watching Steven Seagal effortlessly beat the s* out of people in his movie, Killswitch. I liked his stuff in Belly of the Beast and Out for A Kill because he encorporated a lot of tai chi into his normal aikido routines, and the character in those movies wasn’t aggravating. In Killswitch, I didn’t like the character that much, but man, I know it’s the movies, but his aikido is pretty amazing. I love the concept, the same concept as tai chi, to remain calm, to use the other person’s force, and toss them all over the place, making them hit the ground so many times, or crash into a glass hutch or glass table or out a glass window. Lots of breaking glass in Steven Seagal movies!

As a digression, earlier in the evening I watched some mixed martial arts bouts, and man, they are brutal, devastating, and skillful. One guy won in like 30 seconds with a knee to the other guy’s jaw, and it was lights out!


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