Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | July 3, 2009

Pastor Melissa Scott Revisited: The Logos

So, look, here’s the thing. I don’t know anything about Pastor Melissa Scott’s personal life. Really, I don’t care. I like listening to her. She’s bright, intelligent, and gives a good lecture. It’s thought provoking. I don’t agree with everything she says, but she makes me think, and that’s big in my book. And, as I was watching her last night, talking about the word “word” in the bible, and the two different words used in the greek, logos, and rima(sp), I had two thoughts. One, in light of Michael Jackson’s death, I can see how a bit of celebrity can create so much nonsense surrounding a person, when they should just let them be. Second, this concept of the Logos, the spoken word, the word spoken by the thing behind the word, in her case God, in my case, a more mystical, ineffable force, a universal mind of god, for what that’s worth, the universal workings of the universe, that spark, that tao behind the word, and then us, the expression of that word. So Catholic, so christian, so buddhist, so taoist. Eternal truths make sense in every religion.

I consider Melissa Scott a fellow traveler. The circumstances she finds herself in are distinct, and she certainly is somewhat one track minded about her message, but she is delving into what she believes is the key to truth. I believe she does study, she does research, she does run these things over and over in her mind. I don’t know that she is ready to explore the mysteries of buddhism, taoism, tai chi chuan. But we all have our own path.

And if she ever needs a place to crash when she’s on the east coast, my door is always open!


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